Music Theatre

Are you the all-singing all-dancing triple threat with dreams of taking the lead on Broadway? Then look no further than the Academy of Film, Theatre & Televisions’ Advanced Diploma of Music Theatre, Australia’s most immersive musical theatre course. 

As the number of musical productions in Australia and overseas continues to increase, there has never been a better time to embark on a career in musical theatre. To succeed in this booming industry, students need to be equipped with a comprehensive set of technical, creative and performance skills. 

Steeped within a very strong foundational acting, singing and
dancing core, music theatre students at AFTT are provided
with a holistic range of abilities that will equip them to
become the ultimate triple threat on any stage.

Steeped within a very strong foundational acting, singing and dancing core, music theatre students at AFTT are provided with a holistic range of abilities that will equip them to become the ultimate triple threat on any stage. They are motivated, encouraged and extended to recognise and reach for their best at every turn, ensuring they graduate with unparalleled confidence, exceptional skill and a readiness to tackle any career opportunity head on.

Throughout the course there are plenty of opportunities to make professional connections with renowned musical theatre directors, performers and choreographers, while working with our stage management and other acting students on multiple internal and external high-value productions held at professional venues.

Our tutors and mentors provide training and support that reflects current and industry best practice. They are experienced professionals who have forged careers directing, choreographing, producing and collaborating on highly acclaimed musicals here, on Broadway and around the world. Many tutors are also experienced in a range of effective and dynamic acting techniques, including the Eric Morris System and Meyerhold BioMechanics complementing the voice, movement and dance components of this course.

So why choose one discipline when you can master them all. Become the musical industry's ultimate triple threat. It all starts here .... 

Develop a strong acting and movement core to become the ultimate triple threat!

Learn to adapt your skills and perform on stage or screen

Adopt a real-world professional understanding & practice & perform regularly in high-value productions

Musical Theatre Production
NINE: The Musical
Roundheads and Peakheads 2015 Production
Triple Threat
Roundheads and Peakheads 2015 Production
Music Theatre Students
NINE: The Musical 2016
The Boys from Syracuse Production 2015
The Boys from Syracuse Production 2015
Music Theatre Productions 2015
Music Theatre
Music Theatre
Music Theatre Students
The Boys from Syracuse Production 2015
Music Theatre Students
Music Theatre Student Group
Roundheads and Peakheads 2015 Production
Advanced Diploma OF Music Theatre

Primarily performance-based with an emphasis on the integration of the truth of the acting into the musical delivery, the Advanced Diploma of Music Theatre's 27 units are taught by highly trained music theatre professionals including choreographers, vocal coaches, musical directors and a range of specialised skills experts.

In addition to your core dance, movement and voice training classes - delivered in group and in private tuition sessions, you will also learn the art of improvisation while delving into the rich history of the musical. Units also cover script analysis and critiquing, performance adaptation, resilience training and further acting methodologies. These include the Eric Morris system, Meyerhold BioMechanics and other internationally recognised techniques.

You will have the opportunity to apply all of these skills regularly in a range of musical styles including solo, ensemble and cabaret. A rigorous schedule of in-house and external productions, including a fully funded large scale musical show, will enable you to apply all of the skills learned in preparation for entering the industry with polish and confidence.



Upon graduation you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to navigate a career within the musical theatre industry. Previous graduates have enjoyed success in various cabaret and musical theatre productions, working with companies such as: Disney, Hayes Theatre Company, The Ambassadors Theatre Group (ATG) and Cameron Mackintosh. Some have also enjoyed success within the music, dance and live entertainment scene.

In the independent musical theatre scene our graduates have enjoyed critical and commercial success working as performers, directors, choreographers and producers across countless productions. AFTT musical theatre graduates are highly skilled and well prepared to embrace the musical theatre industry.


Music theatre actor-singer-dancer
Screen actor-singer-dancer
Actor and/or singer
Actor and/or dancer

Performer in large spectaculars
Ensemble performer
Chorus line 
Cabaret performer
Cruise ship entertainer
Theme park performer
Casino performer


“Music theatre is the pinnacle of self expression. There's something really compelling about watching somebody on stage just pouring their heart out”

Daniel D'Amico | AFTT Alumni

“You need to be fearless to succeed, and the Academy wants to see that happen. They want to see what you can bring, so they treat you like you are an industry professional already.”

Laura Morris | AFTT Alumni