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Screen & Media: Cinematography

The best cinematographers are storytellers whose chosen language is light, dark and the muted shades between. A cinematographer can shoot an audience to the edge of their seats in suspense, shroud their faces in fear, entice them to fall in love or fall on the floor laughing…

The Advanced Diploma of Screen & Media is a full-time two-year experience learning, living and breathing visual storytelling, developed to help aspiring filmmakers find a unique voice to tell the stories that matter to them. 

The course is customised to deliver a practical, hands-on immersive learning experience that allows you to create your own films across various genres; work as a cinematographer or director of photography on other student projects; and collaborate on FOUR fully funded film projects of your own: two narrative filmsa music video, a television commercial (TVC) working with an industry grip and gaffer, and a mini doco. 

In addition to gaining in-depth knowledge and skills in the use of cameras, lenses and lighting, we emphasise the role of the cinematographer in pre and post-production and the technologies and processes required for data-wrangling, editing, compositing, grading and finishing. After graduation, films made remain the intellectual property of the filmmaker – and provide students an instant, professional showreel, ready to roll out to prospective clients and employers.

Students who successfully complete the Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media may be eligible for advanced standing into the Bachelor of Creative Industries, major in Screen Studies at WA Screen Academy, partnered with Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA).

Watch our course overview below and find out how we teach what simply can’t be learnt on YouTube.

Collaborate on FOUR of your own fully funded film projects

Work with latest on-set technology including
RED cameras & high-end production facilities

Alumni now working on Spielberg & Scorcese films

Focus on career development & industry networking alongside technological aspects of the course

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Advanced Diploma OF Screen & Media: Cinematography

AFTTs cinematographers write and direct their own films and learn about all areas of production including sound design, performance, directing, visual effects and editing.

The course is divided into four tiers comprising 16 units of competency; each tier is structured around a specific project and a particular set of skills. As well as providing in-depth knowledge and skills in the use of cameras, lenses and lighting, we emphasise the role of the cinematographer in pre-production and post-production, lighting, audio, animation and digital effects, as well as the technologies and processes required for data-wrangling, editing, compositing, grading and finishing.  

Success in the film industry is about showing what you can do, so we run the Academy like a working professional community with a holistic approach to teaching and assessment. This means you are a practicing filmmaker from day one, mentored by some of the best tutors in the industry.  



Graduate with the skills and knowledge to navigate a career within the film, television and digital industries. Previous graduates have worked alongside some of the industry’s biggest names, including Spielberg and Martin Scorcese, and many work on the international circuit. Read more about our Alumni here.

Our cine graduates have also worked in other areas of the industry, including digital content production, creative media (including large scale TVC’s and music videos), corporate content and technical services. 

AFTT’s cinematographers are highly skilled and well prepared to start work in the contemporary film, television and digital media industry. 



Director of photography 
Visual producer 
Creative director

Camera operator or assistant
Data wrangler


“What I love about this school is it's very practical: you learn a bit of knowledge and then you practice it immediately. I can't imagine studying filmmaking in any other way.”

- Courtney Brown | AFTT Alumni

"My favourite thing about AFTT was its teachers, students and culture. Filmmaking is all about putting forward a strong voice and the school helped me develop that voice."

Jose Sebastian | AFTT Alumni

“One of my favourite things about the course is how hands-on it is. From day one, we've had our hands on the cameras, not just the standard HD cameras that you can get at other schools.”

Sarah Prentice | AFTT Alumni

“AFTT has changed who I am and how I think – I've evolved into a director. I didn't think I would.”

Quentin Curzon | AFTT Alumni