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Screen & Media: Screenwriting, Directing, Producing

At AFTT we teach what can’t be learnt on YouTube, from writing and directing a film and editing the raw footage, to sound design, casting, directing and visual effects. We then help you put what you learn into practice by making a diverse range of films - lots of films!

The Advanced Diploma of Screen & Media: Screenwriting, Directing & Producing is a full-time two-year experience learning, living and breathing visual storytelling, developed to help aspiring filmmakers find a unique voice to tell the stories that matter to them. 

From day one you are immersed in a practical, hands-on learning experience that allows you to script, direct and produce four fully funded films, work collaboratively on other student projects, and explore the intricacies of working as a screenwriter, director and producer, while learning complementary skills in camera, lighting, editing and post-production, sound recording and sound design. 

At AFTT, we not only believe in mastering the conventions of creative storytelling and production, we love technology! As you progress through the semesters, you will use high-end cameras and equipment such as the latest RED® digital cinema cameras, including the Red Epic – as used to film The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, and The Great Gatsby to name a few.

After graduation, these films remain the intellectual property of the filmmaker – and leave you with a professional showreel for demonstrating your artistic vision, technical competence and fundamental knowledge of this craft to future employers or clients within the film, television, advertising and digital media industries.  

Film, in its essence, is a collaborative medium, and for this course you will need someone to direct, something to produce, a script to write and a cinematographer to interpret your vision… that’s all on offer at AFTT, thanks to our unique cross-disciplinary campus where all of these inputs and more exist under the one resourceful roof!

Students who successfully complete the Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media may be eligible for advanced standing into the Bachelor of Creative Industries, major in Screen Studies at WA Screen Academy, partnered with Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA).

Watch the trailer below for further details about this course. 

Master screenwriting, directing, producing & camera skills, lighting, editing, post-production, sound recording & sound design.

State of the art studios, facilities and equipment.

Learn what can’t be learnt on YouTube!

Collaborate on FOUR of your own fully funded film projects

Mother and Son
Stalker Production
Blue Peach
AFTT Equipment
Samoan Tales - Farm Boys
AFTT Equipment
Green Screen AFTT
On Set Film Students
Camera Work - Film Students
Daniel Trailer
AFTT Film Students
AFTT Green Screen
AFTT Film Students
On Location
Camera Work - Film Students
AFTT Green Screen Students
Whever I May Be
AFTT Film class
Cine Students
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AFTT Film Students
Screening Night 2015
Behind the scenes
On Location Shoot
Paranoid Production
Green Screen Practical
Paranoid Production
On Location
Stalker Production
Advanced Diploma OF Screen & Media: Screenwriting

16 units are delivered over the two academic years and cover key skill areas including scriptwriting, camera techniques, lighting, sound design and recording, visual and performance directing, production planning, as well as management and post-production. The Advanced Diploma of Screen & Media SDP stream also includes editing and marketing modules, ensuring you are able to deliver a production with cut-through that maximises your vision and delivers within budget, without compromising on return.

As a student at AFTT you will have full creative control of the films you make – it’s your vision and your voice – and you get to manage your own production budgets. AFTT has the latest industry equipment, such as RED ONE ® and RED EPIC ® digital cinema cameras, and we use a range of high-end production facilities so you are ready for almost any project when you graduate.

Students who successfully complete the Advanced Diploma of Screen & Media may be eligible for up to 180 credit points’ advanced standing into the Bachelor of Creative Industries, major in Screen Studies at WA Screen Academy, partnered with Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA).



Upon graduation you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to navigate a career within the film, television and digital industries. Previous students have enjoyed success in major studio feature films such as: Pirates of The Caribbean, Planet of the Apes and A Night at the Museum.

Our graduates have also worked in other areas of the industry, from short films to documentary filmmaking, music videos and corporate content. In local and international film festivals our graduates have been recognised in countless awards, including: Best Student Film (L.A film Festival), Best Student Film (Cannes Film Festival) and Tropfest finalists. Read more about our Alumni here.

AFTT filmmakers graduate highly skilled and well prepared to start work in contemporary film, television and digital media industry.


Story editor
Development executive
Executive producer
Production manager

Assistant director
Script supervisor
Camera department editor 
Post-production supervisor
TV or music video director



“What drew me to AFTT is that students get budgets for their films that are funded by the school. That enables you to push yourself without limitations and take our films to the next level”

Sarah Prentice | AFTT Alumni

“The course is about you as a creator, not just your education…”

Courtney Brown | AFTT Alumni