Fee Assistance


FEE-HELP can be given to eligible fee-paying students to help pay for part or all of their tuition fees. 

AFTT’s HE course is eligible for FEE-HELP. For further FEE-HELP details and current information about  assistance for financing study visit the StudyAssist website.

If you have any questions, please email us at info@aftt.edu.au.


VET Student Loan is a Commonwealth loan given to eligible fee-paying students to help pay for part or all of their tuition fees. 

The Academy of Film, Theatre & Television is a Vocational Registered Training Organisation.

AFTT’s VET courses are eligible for a VET Student Loan. For further VET Student Loan details and current information about government assistance for financing tertiary study visit the StudyAssist website.

A booklet is also provided below although may be superseded by up-to-the-minute changes as outlined in the Study Assist web link provided. If you have any questions, please email us at info@aftt.edu.au.

Further general information relating to fees and AFTT's related refund and credit procedures are available under Policies and Procedures.  


Study Loans is a new kind of finance for students seeking assistance in paying for their education.

They are Australia's first dedicated private student loan provider, allowing you to borrow all or part of your course costs through a responsible and controlled funding program. Study Loans offer highly competitive rates, simple terms and allow students to have control over their loans and empower them to manage and track these loans effectively. 

Click here to learn more about applying for support with Study Loans or click here to watch a video explaining what Study Loans is.


Youth Allowance, Austudy, Abstudy 

  • Youth Allowance and Austudy are available for Australian citizens.
  • Austudy & Youth Allowance provide income and assets tested financial support, on a non-competitive basis, to students 16 years of age and over undertaking approved full time secondary or tertiary studies.
  • Abstudy provides a living allowance and income-tested asset assistance scheme to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in both full time and part time study.

All local and international students are assessed by interview prior to lodging their application forms.

If you have a question about government support loans click here. Further information can be obtained from Centrelink on 132 490.