Recognition of Prior Learning


The purpose of  RPL & Credit is to provide for the recognition of various types of a candidate’s credentialed and non-credentialed learning, whilst maintaining the integrity and standards of the defined learning outcomes of the specific course of study.
Credit means that AFTT accepts and provides credit to learners for current/equivalent units of competency unless licensing or regulatory requirements prevent this) where these are evidenced by: 
a) AQF certification documentation issued by any other RTO or AQF authorised issuing organisation; or
b) authenticated VET transcripts issued by the Registrar. 
Such credit only applies for units of competency that are the same as or stated as being equivalent to units of competency which are specified as contributing to the award of the qualification. 
Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) means an assessment process that assesses the competency/s of an individual that may have been acquired through formal, non-formal and informal learning to determine the extent to which that individual meets the requirements specified in the training package or VET accredited courses.
a) formal learning refers to learning that takes place through a structured program of instruction and is linked to the attainment of an AQF qualification or statement of attainment (for example, a certificate, diploma or university degree); 
b) non-formal learning refers to learning that takes place through a structured program of instruction, but does not lead to the attainment of an AQF qualification or statement of attainment (for example, in-house professional development programs conducted by a business); and
c) informal learning refers to learning that results through experience of work-related, social, family, hobby or leisure activities (for example the acquisition of interpersonal skills developed through several years as a sales representative).
At enrolment, students may apply for RPL or Credit if they believe they are eligible for recognition of existing knowledge and skills towards the achievement of the qualification. 
The RPL/Credit application form can be provided by AFTT’s Student Admissions Team,, and must be returned 21 days prior to the course start date. A $200 fee applies for each unit of competency being assessed for RPL. Documents presented as evidence must be originals or certified copies. Please refer to the Guide to Certifying Documents. RPL applicants will also be interviewed and may be asked to do practical tasks to demonstrate their knowledge and skills are current.
If an RPL/Credit application is successful, a reduction to the relevant course tuition fees will be applied based on the equivalent full-time student load (EFTSL) value of the unit/s of competency. This amount will stand as a credit towards the student’s final semester of study with AFTT.
Note: AFTT’s courses have been designed to incorporate significant integrated, practical components reflecting professional industry practice and hence, Tier subjects may include more than one unit of competency. Considering the uniqueness of AFTT’s holistic industry-focused training and assessment model, we consider it an advantage for students to attend all classes though related assessment requirements will be waived if course credit is granted.


The major benefit of taking into account a range of prior qualifications or learning experiences is that it enables students to build on their prior learning and avoid repetition of subjects or stages of courses, when they have already acquired the relevant knowledge and skills through study at another institution or through extensive experience.


Applicants must supply AFTT with sufficient relevant, authentic and current evidence to support their claim for RPL. The application must be made on the appropriate form, and include the following documentation:

  • Certified copies of qualifications and/or academic transcripts for the previous formal studies,
  • Descriptions of the units of study from previous institutions, OR
  • Documentation sufficient to demonstrate proficiency as a result of Prior Learning.


Check under Policies and Procedures for the full RPL/CREDIT and AWARDING OF CREDIT policies and application process