Getting around Sydney

Transportation in Sydney

AFTT is situated in the inner city and is within minutes of trains and buses. Central Station, Sydney's largest train station, is just a short walk from the AFTT campus. There are also bicycle paths in many areas of the city.

For more information visit:

City Rail
Sydney Buses


Preparing for Australian weather

The Australian climate may be quite different from your home country so be prepared with adequate clothing for hot and cold weather.

Summer temperatures can be higher than 40 degrees Celsius so on hot days remember to drink lots of water and try to hang out in a cool place. JMC campuses are fully air conditioned so you can study on campus in comfort.

Winter nights and mornings are usually below 10 degrees Celsius so make sure you have a good coat and warm blankets.

Beach safety

Australia has some beautiful beaches but the water is not always safe to swim in. If you don’t see lifeguards on duty at a beach then DON’T SWIM. If you do see lifeguards, they will usually have 2 flags set up on the beach. ONLY swim between the flags. If unsure, talk to them. They are there to help!

Bikes and cars

When riding a bicycle, you must always wear a helmet – that is the law in Australia.

Make sure you have good reflective gear for your bicycle so that motorists can see you in the dark.

You must wear a seatbelt when you travel in a car (driver and passengers) – that is the law in Australia.

If you purchase a car, make sure the vehicle has a ‘Road-worthy’ certificate and be sure to register it with the local traffic authority and purchase car insurance.