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AFTT is located at 41 Holt Street, Surry Hills, NSW, 2010. Nestled within the leafy, café-lined streets of Surry Hills in the heart of Sydney, the campus is a short five-minute walk from Central Station and Railway Square and can easily be accessed by bus and train.

Put simply: industry relevance, our cross-disciplinary campus and the fact we operate in a real-world environment. We pride ourselves on being industry relevant and current, and we ensure that we are by employing current industry professionals as our tutors and through our partnerships with industry organizations including the iconic Belvoir St Theatre and engagement of current film industry professionals. Our standards are also up held by what the industry expects and requires. This at times, puts pressure on students, in terms of quality of work, attendance and communication; however all our graduates have said that is by far the greatest attribute of AFTT. It is by holding our practice, our delivery content and expectations of our students by these industry standards that AFTT is second to none. 

CUA51015 Diploma of Screen and Media 
Duration: 1-academic year | 2-semesters | 18-teaching weeks per semester
Intakes: February & July 
Delivery: On-Campus
CUA60615 Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media
Industry focus area/s: FILMMAKING 
Duration: 1.5-academic years | 3-semesters | 18-teaching weeks per semester
Intakes: February & July 
Delivery: On-Campus
Full recognition will be given in the Advanced Diploma for any common units completed in the Diploma, allowing for only one further year of full-time training to be awarded the Advanced Diploma.
Diploma of Creative Arts (Acting) | February, May & September 
Industry focus area/s: ACTING 
Duration: 2-trimesters | 14-weeks per trimester
Intakes: February, May & September
Delivery: On-Campus
Bachelor of Creative Arts (Acting) | February, May & September 
Industry focus area/s: ACTING 
Duration: 2-academic years | 6-trimesters | 14-weeks per trimester
Intakes: February, May & September
Delivery: On-Campus
For graduates of AFTT’s Diploma of Creative Arts (Acting) a pathway exists for eligible candidates to progress directly into AFTT’s Bachelor of Creative Arts (Acting). This pathway allows for the eligible students to be enrolled directly into Trimester 3 of the Bachelor program, enabling the student to complete the Bachelor of Creative Arts (Acting) in the remaining 4 trimesters. 
*Intakes are subject to meeting minimum enrolment numbers 
While our courses are comprehensive programs with dedicated student and employment outcomes, we also understand that you may wish to pursue higher level studies.
COURSE PATHWAYS – Diploma to Advanced Diploma
CUA51015 to CUA60615 – industry focus area of Acting and Film 
Pathway requirements:  
Successful completions of AFTT’s CUA51015 Diploma of Screen and Media in the industry focus areas of Acting or Film
Following the successful completion of 1-year of study at AFTT, you will be awarded the CUA51015 Diploma of Screen and Media.
Successful completion of AFTT’s Diploma enables you to continue into the CUA60615 Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media.
If you continue into the Advanced Diploma, full recognition will be given for the common units completed in the Diploma, which will allow you to complete the Advanced Diploma in only one further year of full-time study.
JMC Bachelor of Creative Arts (Film and Television)
Film Articulation
For AFTT Film graduates of the CUA60615 Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media, JMC Academy offers an articulation into a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Film and Television), whereby students will receive credit for 72 credit points of the 144 required to complete the degree.
Graduates can choose to study at any of the JMC campuses whether that be Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne. 
JMC Academy’s Bachelor of Creative Arts (Film and Television), will enable AFTT graduates to build on their training at AFTT exposing them to new genres, cutting edge platforms, self-promotion and professional development training, RED EPIC-W™ HELIUM™ 8K S35 BRAIN cameras, internships, overseas study tours and of course, more opportunities to make more amazing films. 
There are countless career opportunities for graduates of AFTT.  They include, but are not limited to:
Act on your passion and become a…
Film Actor, voice over artist for film or radio, Television actor, animation or computer-generated (CGI) character actor,  Theatre actor, live entertainment performer, Motion-capture actor, filmmaker / storyteller, Television commercial (TVC) actor
Act on your passion and become a…
Stage manager, Deputy Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Manager, Lighting Operator, Lighting crew, Sound design, sound operator, sound crew, Audio-visual operator  / crew, Audio-visual crew, Events Manager,            Events Assistant 
Act on your passion and become a…
Filmmaker, creative director, director, camera operator or assistant , producer, data wrangler, screenwriter, editor, visual producer, development executive

All full-time programs require you to be on campus on average three (3) days per week for face to face training. 

Our VET courses have two (2) intakes per year – one in February and one in July. 

Our HE courses (Acting only) have three (3) intakes per year – one in February, one in May, and one in September.

This varies depending on the course you are interested in taking. Fee information for students can be found at domestic and international students.

AFTT’s courses are delivered by Australia’s leading creative arts experts, all of who have achieved their own successes in the industry, and who continue to work in a professional capacity.

AFTT’s Academic Team have starred, directed, produced, and collaborated on leading productions both in Australia and Overseas.  Their training methods are complimented by acclaimed guest Directors and Actors and by a collaborative network of professionals.

Check out our Team at: Meet the Team

You can apply anytime; we receive applications throughout the year. Once you have completed the application form online, the recruitment team will be in contact with you to confirm an interview or audition time. 

Contrary to popular belief, there are plenty of opportunities in the acting and film industry. In this modern age the industry is bigger than ever before and continues to grow at a healthy rate. Other than film, TV and theatre opportunities, social media platforms offer countless avenues for actors and performers – there are countless blog’s, short films, web-episodes and channels, not to mention Facebook content. Plus the advertising industry is a huge employer of actors and performers thanks to ever-growing platforms and audience reach. In fact, never before have fresh facfes been so in demand.

It's also worth remembering that the skills acquired in acting and performing are also hugely transferable. Skills such as public speaking, corporate hosting, event management and retail and hospitality industries all require poise, self-confidence, and self-esteem. 

With society’s exponential hunger for content, screenwriters, directors, producers and cinematographers are in huge demand. Our film school students are in the industry of content creation, and that is a hugely profitable genre – think about the amount of content you see everyday, from Facebook ads to YouTube and Instagram, podcasts to mainstream news networks, current affair stories and self-help videos. Plus, there is vast capacity for on-demand TV and online content (Netflix/Stan). 

Ultimately though, hard work, motivation and recognising opportunities when they are presented to you are the most important factors for any graduate finding success. 

We cannot guarantee employment; no film or acting school does or can. We encourage our film students to enter their films in festivals all around the world and, that has a fantastic success rate. 

What we do provide our students with is the skills to network within the professional industry and the exposure to a range of industry professionals during the course, so the student can gain as many contacts as possible.
AFTT hosts in-house productions, screening nights and encourages industry icons to attend. We also encourage our film students to enter their films in festivals all around the world and, that has a fantastic success rate. 

The Academy of Film, Theatre and Television, AFTT was the result of merging the two elite institutions.
The unification of ACTT and IFSS into Australia’s leading creative arts academy is bold, brave and reality shifting. It opens up unparalleled opportunities for current and prospective students, together with staff and the broader community, to be the driving force behind this daring evolution.

Never before have so many changes happened so quickly in our industry with AFTT being created to take full advantage of the rapid and ongoing advancements in technology within new media, as well as to respond to the increased diversity and dynamism in the global film, television and theatre economy.
To empower industry ready graduates with real-world understanding of their craft, we need to be ahead of the curve. By consolidating these two prestigious schools beneath one banner we will forge a comprehensive, more responsive institution that features all key disciplines of our industry – from cinematography to live event production,  acting for stage and screen, and screenwriting, directing and producing.

Founded on passion, inspiration, adventure and creative excellence, AFTT will be an environment in which to collaborate and work together as artists. Its creation is a courageous evolution that will position us at the forefront of Australia’s creative arts industry, and allow us to become a leading force within the global entertainment education market.

Rest assured that all students will continue to learn and receive support from the same dedicated team of tutors, student recruitment advisors and administrators you may have already met.

You can apply anytime by completing the application form on our website: Apply Now

(hard copy forms are also available through the Student Admissions team).

AFTT’s Student Admissions team are always available to discuss the application and enrolment process with you – feel free to phone them directly to chat: 02 9281 2400

Entry into AFTT is based on:
A completed application form (available electronically on the website or hard copy from the SA);
An interview and/or an audition (audition required for acting only); and 
Minimum age of 18 at course commencement.
Applicants seeking placement at AFTT must have a proficiency in English and have satisfactorily completed: 
Year 12 in the Australian school system, OR
Equivalent with a Senior Secondary Certificate pass in General English, OR
A similar Qualification:
Certificate III (or above) – for Diploma applicants, OR
Certificate IV (or above) – for Bachelor program applicants, OR
Diploma – for Advanced Diploma applicants, OR
Be Over 21 years of age
*If you do not hold an HSC certificate or Year 12 equivalent, please contact the Student Admissions team to discuss entry alternatives.
International applicants must also be able to provide: 
Proof of English proficiency: 
o For Film and Theatre Production applicants: Academic IELTS score of 5.5 with no band below 5.0, or equivalent. 
o For Acting applicants: Academic IELTS band score of 6.0 with no band below 5.5 , or equivalent.
*International students are advised to refer to the International prospectus and contact the AFTT International Admissions team at for assistance. 


No tertiary institution would be capable of guaranteeing graduate employment beyond their studies. What we can guarantee is that students will receive the highest level of tuition during their study with us. They will be immersed in a creative and vibrant environment with like-minded students.

During their working life, graduates will undoubtedly find themselves working across a variety of industries. We therefore accept that our goal is to not only produce talented graduates, but those who can remain productive throughout. This is achieved not only through the specialised skills taught within our courses, but through the development of soft skills such as collaboration, analysis and effective communication. 

YES.  We have two (2) scholarships available;

1) Scholarship for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students
2) Creativity out of Adversity Scholarship
Please speak to the Student Admissions team for more information. 

All students enrolling should be prepared for a FULL-TIME commitment to their training. Working within the creative arts is a commitment to learning, developing and creating – as an individual, and as part of an ensemble/crew. The nature of AFTT’s training is studio and production focussed, meaning your time at AFTT involves being immersed in the world of performance/production and within a community of likeminded professionally focussed people.

Your full-time commitment consists of a combination of an average of 24 hours per week of classes, rehearsals and productions as well as time for personal preparation, reflection and independent work.

The timetable is a combination of morning, afternoon and evening classes and rehearsals which can run between the hours of 9.00am and 9.00pm, Monday to Friday.

During production periods students will be required to attend AFTT outside of these normal hours, which may include afterhours and weekend performances and production activities.

The timetable is provided at the beginning of each trimester/semester to allow you to forward plan and manage your time between AFTT, work and personal commitments.

The first step is to express interest, and to ask questions!

Our Student Admissions (SA) team are available to guide and issue current and accurate information that enables you to make informed decisions about undertaking training with AFTT.

How to reach the Student Admissions team:

            Phone: 02 9281 2400


            Submit an enquiry form (website): Ask a Question

Step 1: Enquire & Apply

Step 2: Interview

Step 3: Audition (Industry focus area of Acting only)

Step 4: Offer and Acceptance

Step 5: Enrolment

Step 6: Start studying at AFTT!