AFTT Live Production High School Workshops

2-Day Acting & Film Workshop

Come along to our introductory workshop and learn what a career in the acting and film industry would be like. This program is a great opportunity to visit our campus and experience the way we teach our students as we showcase acting and film in a concise two day workshop. This is a very hands on program in which students will have a chance to interact, use state of the art equipment and learn new techniques.

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Wednesday 15th & Thursday 16th April 2020 (9.30am – 5pm)

Using AFTT’s industry standard film gear, students will be taught the basics of acting, film making and post production work flow. An industry professional tutor will guide them through the process, setting a strong foundation on which they can easily build upon.

- Registration, introduction and campus tour

- Students will work in groups to focus on the basic technical aspects of film making and performance. Students will then film short vignettes;

- Students will explore an introduction to the Morris Technique preparation exercises, coupled with improvisation and script work in the AFTT theatre;

- Students will apply acting techniques while performing on camera and collaborating with peers to write, perform and shoot their very own single shot short film.

- Students will learn and utilise basic editing techniques, and cut together snippets of what was shot in the morning classes.

Creative Kids Program

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