Join AFTT Tier 3 Group B for a Shakespeare performance Othello

This performance is directed by Sean O'Riordan. It is set in Italy and Cyprus late 16th century the time of the war between Venice and Turkey. Othello the all conquering general – an outsider – has won many battles for Venice and just got married to the beautiful Desdemona. He has appointed Cassio as his Lieutenant. Iago his ‘ancient’ or chief of staff is jealous of Cassio because he wanted to be appointed Lieutenant so he plots and plans against Cassio by telling Othello that Cassio is having an affair with Desdemona.

The plot ravels up gradually until Othello in a rage of passion suffocates Desdemona. Iago’s wife spills the beans Iago stabs her to death, Iago is wounded by Othello who then stabs himself and dies on the bed next to Desdemona.

Time & Date

7.00pm Thursday 14th April
7.00pm Friday 15th April
2.00pm Saturday 16th April


All performances will be held at on campus in the auditorium.

Entrance via 396 Elizabeth St Surry Hills.