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Acting Short Courses

Acting Short Courses

Accelerate your acting skills with a short course! AFTT is proud to offer a new series of short courses aimed at providing high quality, industry focused education for young and mature adults. Expand your knowledge, explore new skills and take the big step forward in your career. 

Short courses at AFTT are a great option for you to get a taster in broadening your skills in a specific area of study. Get involved with AFTT tutors and like-minded professionals who share the same interests as you in a fun and creative environment. You'll have access to great facilities so you can really get hands-on. 

Certification: All attendees are to be presented with a Certificate of Participation at the conclusion of the short course.

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Eric Morris: Acting Instrument

Dates: 9:30am - 4:30pm Saturday 10th, 17th & 24th August 2019 (3 full-days)

Cost: $400 (Early Bird) | $500 (Full Price)

Requirements: You must be 16+ to register for this Short Course.


Eric Morris is one of the most influential acting teachers in the world. The author of such books as; Being and Doing, Irreverent Acting and No Acting Please, Morris’s work has influenced actors such as; Jack Nicholson and Johnny Depp. In this course students will learn the principles of the Morris technique and how these are used to create the unique AFTT system of actor training.

Topics covered include:

Session 1:
• Freeing the actor
• Working through creative and performance blocks
• Emotionally connecting to the actor’s work

Session 2:
• Eric Morris instrument exercises
• Attaining a being state in performance
• Eric Morris being workouts
• Responding organically to a partner

Session 3:
• Eric Morris choice approaches
• Craft techniques
• Analysing a script

Session 4:
• Applying choices to given circumstances
• Working through choice approaches in relation to a script
• Taking direction

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Soul Focus

Dates: 5:45pm - 8:45pm Thursday 6th & 13th June 2019 and 9:30am - 4:30pm 15th June 2019 (2 Thursday evenings and 1 Saturday full-day)

Cost: $240 (Early Bird) | $300 (Full Price)

Requirements: You must be 17+ to register for this Short Course.


Feeling a little lost? Disconnected? Then The Soul Focus could be for you. The Soul Focus will take you on a journey, a reconnection to who you were, are, or maybe want to be. As the name suggests it’s an exploration of you, it’ll deepen you not only as a person but as an artist, it’ll build your confidence and galvanise your next step.

You will create a short video comprising of photos and a 200 word voice over. You’ll be taught the basics of Premiere Pro and sound recording to give you the skill level in order to create your Soul Focus. 

Course Outline:

Story creation

  • What story will you tell and why?
  • Creation of Voice Over script

Post production

  • Recording of Voice Over
  • Basic’s in Premiere Pro


  • A group Screening (only if you are comfortable with sharing your work)

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