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Film 6 Week Short Courses

Film Short Courses

Accelerate your Film making skills with a 6 week short course. AFTT is proud to offer a new series of short courses aimed at providing high quality, industry focused education for young and mature adults. Expand your knowledge, explore new skills and take the big step forward in your career. Courses begin from $400..

Short courses at AFTT are a great option for you to get a taster in broadening your skills in a specific area of study. Get involved with AFTT Tutors and like-minded professionals who share the same interests as you in a fun and creative environment. You'll have access to great facilities and equipment so you can really get hands-on. 

Certification: All attendees are to be presented with a Certificate of Participation at the conclusion of the short course. You will receive an AFTT branded tote bag to be filled with merchandise and information about upcoming short courses, AFTT events and productions - Included in the price.

AFTT short courses do not form part of the Australian Qualifications Framework.

Screen Writing Short Course

Duration: 6 Week Course

Dates: Tuesday Nights, 6:00pm - 9:00pm, 17th July - 21st August
Description: Have a script idea but don’t know how to start? Character development? Deepening the story? The AFTT script writing course can help with all of these issues and more. Our industry current tutors will help you along every step of the way. 

$400 early bird (20% discount) 
$500 full price

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to character
  • Deepening of character development
  • Implementation into script 
  • Understanding the personal truth for character development
  • Difference between fact and fiction in a character development context
  • Develop characters that bring your script to life
  • 10-15 page script (beginning of a longer story, an extract or a stand-alone piece)

Tutor: Paul has been under the spell of cinema since he accidentally saw ‘Taxi Driver’ at the age of 8. That same year, his parents took he and his siblings to war-torn Beirut to see their ancestral homeland before it completely imploded. They also went to Disneyland. 

The absurdity of these vastly different experiences profoundly influenced Paul’s work and life. He has been an ardent student and practitioner of many facets of the screen craft, beginning his career in his late teens as a freelance camera operator and editor.

As a filmmaker, he has written, produced and directed numerous award-winning short films, including ’Squalor’, ‘Pavel’ and ‘Fragments’, which took him to New York in 2005. 

Paul is also a former graduate of IFSS. He returned to the school to teach screenwriting and within two years, he was promoted to the Head of Teaching, overseeing the development of the school curriculum and managing the faculty and students.

In 2014, Paul decided to pursue a screenwriting opportunity in Los Angeles after his pitch for an original TV series, ‘Zealot’, garnered strong interest from multiple production companies. He was mentored by leading industry consultant and former TV exec, Jen Grisanti, who championed the project. During his time in LA, Paul also had a chance meeting with a well-known U.S. director, who gave him an opportunity to write a feature screenplay. The film is currently in financing stage. 

In 2015, he was commissioned to create the multi-platform sci-fi project ‘Gish’, through which he developed his first comic book with artist 
Marcelo Baez. After securing finance for his low-budget feature film, Paul is set to direct the production at the end of 2016.

He is also a professionally trained actor, having appeared in local and international productions, including ‘ East West 101’, ‘ Love My Way’ and ‘Farscape’, as well as numerous TVC's and stage productions. 

Besides sharing his passion and knowledge of the craft as a tutor, Paul also works as a script consultant for multiple screenwriters and directors across the globe.

The Cinematographer (Red Epic) Short Course

Duration: 3 Day Course

Dates: 10:00am - 4:00pm, 2nd, 3rd & 4th July
Description: Are you a budding cinematographer but never had professional training? Maybe you work full time and haven’t got around to it? The AFTT Cinematography workshop will introduce you to the how and why of cinematography. Using the RED Epic our amazing tutors will introduce you to the magic world of visual storytelling. You’ll get hands on experience with dollies, jibs, you’ll learn lighting, everything you need to get you to the next level.
$784 early bird (20% discount) 
$980 full price

Topics covered:

  • Philosophy of cinematography
  • Introduction to the Red Epic + work flow
  • Camera movement
  • Directing coverage

Tutor: Bryan Coelho is a Sydney-based award-winning director and cinematographer with over 10 years’ experience working in the industry. Bryan has directed a variety of work including TVCs, short films and music videos, his short films travelling on both the domestic and international circuits. He has also worked extensively as a cinematographer and television editor for shows such as Mythbusters, Wrecks to Riches and Hard Shine. With his hands-on approach Bryan is focused on the future of the Australian industry, driving forward to produce powerful, emotive cinema.




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