24 Jun 2018

Growing and Learning: What I Have Learnt About Acting

Getting closer to the finish line and bursting her way into the industry, Tier 3 acting student, Luisa Galloway, tells us about lessons learnt so far and gives us some advice for future students.

Keeping open, curious and practicing and experimenting with other styles and genres will enable you to find your voice as an actor.

How has your time at AFTT been so far?

I am so grateful for my time at AFTT. The course itself has exceeded my expectations beyond belief. The content explored within the course is that of industry standard, but so much more. The foundation of the Morris Technique is truly a gift. Nowhere else in Australia teaches this technique and let me tell you I don’t think there is a better technique to begin craft and instrument work from as an actor. The course incorporates many styles and subjects tailored toward Film, Theatre and everything in between. This wide exploration of styles and genres has empowered me as an actor to tackle areas that before may have felt uncomfortable. So far my time has been magnificent.

Tell us about your recently completed Showreel shoots?

The Showreel project was fantastic! It was such a great opportunity to collaborate and create. This project is geared toward creating a scene for the viewing of future collaborators and is the beginning of a future body of work. This is a project that includes the Actor in all parts of the process, from script, costume, set design, sound design and developing a shot list. This endows the actor with full creative liberty and develops perspective and greater knowledge of the premise of these areas and how they affect the production.

What challenges did you face during production?

For me I struggle with remaining consistent in takes whilst being irreverent in conjunction to staying relationally connected with my scene partner. I always try to offer too many different options rather than keeping the same intention within the options but finding new moments and nuances through them. I explored this through rehearsal and takes and found greater clarity as the character.

What did you learn from working on set during this project?

I’ve learnt a lot about how much time management the whole process requires. Everyone needs to be on their A game and ready to shoot as much content as possible for an ideally smooth post production process. I also learnt about all complications that can arise with sound, lighting and people traffic and how to address these issues as the arise. The whole process requires a high level of communication and patience.

What advice do you have for any students currently studying acting at AFTT?

My advice to current Acting students of AFTT would be to constantly be reading plays, screenplays and acting technique books. I cannot stress how much this helps develop your craft, knowledge and how you articulate. I also think it is crucial that you try to see as many plays and films as you can, there are plenty of student options for tickets. Book yourself into dance, singing or other acting classes of interest eg. Improvisation, Commedia dell'arte and stage combat. Keeping open, curious and practicing and experimenting with other styles and genres will enable you to find your voice as an actor.

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