01 Mar 2019

5 Qualities of Students Who Perform Better

Every student works and learns differently.


Here at AFTT, with our different creative courses, we see this on a daily basis. However, there are some qualities that you should be employing throughout your course to help you perform better during your studies, and on into post-graduation life. 

Here are 5 qualities we have noticed in students who flourished in their course, and then went on to be successful after graduation. 

Saying YES to opportunities

AFTT provides students with a wealth of opportunities that arise from being on-campus with students from other relevant disciplines and an academic team that are all very active in the industry themselves. By diving into these opportunities when they arise, you’re not only experiencing new things, meeting new people, building connections and adding to your portfolio; but you can learn more about yourself, including your strengths and weaknesses.

Knowing what you are, or are not good at, and what you do and don’t enjoy, can help you carve a stronger path to a successful career. Additionally, by working with other students and helping them with their projects, you can build connections during your course. Therefore, when or if you need help with something, they’re more likely to assist you back. So, say yes!

Not being afraid to ask questions

You are here to learn, so if you don’t understand something – ask. The tutors want to help you, and want to see you succeed. All of AFTT’s tutors are industry professionals and still currently working in the industry, so they are passionate about the industry they are teaching. Therefore, the last thing they want to see is a student sat at the back of the class half asleep or not taking part in the practical sessions. Engage, ask questions, and show that you are interested, paying attention and as passionate about the industry as they are. 

Being prepared

Know when your deadlines are and don’t leave anything to the last minute. This is vital for your studies, but also for your future. Being prepared helps you stayed organised so you can foresee anything that may go wrong and correct it before it does. Having spare time before a deadline means you can get advice and feedback on any aspects of your assessment you are concerned about from tutors or student support. Being prepared ultimately leaves you time to fine-tune and perfect your work.

Building a good relationship with mentors

Your tutors are your first industry connection, and your first stop for networking. They are also your best way to get gigs, auditions or other jobs. So, be nice to them and show them your worth. 


Working in the creative industries, this word is used time and time again. However, when learning to master your craft in any of the disciplines at AFTT, passion goes a long way towards your development and ultimately, your employment opportunities post-graduation. Passion is at the heart of all actors, filmmakers and stage managers and it shows in all the work that you do. Get in there and show off how much you want to make this dream your career. We promise, people will find it hard to ignore.

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