09 Jan 2019

A Career over 3 continents; making the magic you see on stage

For recent Live Production graduate Shiya Lu, studying at AFTT was the next logical step in a production career that started in China and took her to London.


With stage production experience now crossing three continents, Shiya is focussed on pursuing her passion for making beautiful, interesting and inspiring live productions.

Shiya came to Sydney to study AFTT’s Diploma of Screen and Media (Live Production) after working for three years as production coordinator and company manager. Shiya says, ‘During that period, I worked mainly with producers and marketing managers and found my knowledge about technical theatre and the production making process was limited. So I decided to move to a country that I had always loved and work on building valuable, practical skills.’

The move to Sydney was a smooth transition. ‘Having lived and travelled around Europe and Asia, I was very used to this nomadic lifestyle. I even surprised myself when I started to feel at home here. I love how easy it is to find a sanctuary spot in the city. It might not be as exciting or busy as London or Shanghai, but whenever I need to recharge, I can go to a park or the beach. Another highlight is the friendly people. Within a short space of time, I have built a strong friendship circle that I can trust. In summary; this city takes care of you.’ 

While studying at AFTT, Shiya worked on several productions, including ‘Savage/Love’ for which she was Deputy Stage Manager. The show was directed by professional director (and AFTT alumnus) Naomi Livingstone. Shiya says, ‘Naomi is one of the kindest and most talented artists I have met. The way she made everyone feel valued and appreciated inspired me hugely. I will always see her as a role model, and I look forward to working with her again.’ 

Shiya is continuing her studies and will continue to seek new ways to bring art to life. She says, ‘I would love to work for an organisation that presents and produces exciting performances that inspire and challenge people. It is vital for me to work with people who are equally passionate about their work.’ 

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