17 Nov 2020

A Tale of an Aussie Legend Masterclass Review

Our Exclusive Masterclass Series has brought the best and brightest Industry Professionals in every field to your screens, and we want to hear how these events are giving you the chance to learn more.


A few weeks ago, our friends over at Perfect Events sat down with Shane Jacobson to join our exclusive Masterclass Line-Up to host A Tale of an Aussie Legend where he took students on his journey of career experiences, decisions and personal struggles that created his career to date. One of Australia's most loved, award-winning actors, presenters and entertainers, Shane's incredible and varied career spans over 40 years both here at home and internationally. The successful film "Kenny" brought Shane recognition as the "Dunny Man" alongside his subsequent screen credits. 

From working in events as a rigger to teaching events and now owning catering vans and appearing on TV and Movie screens across Australia, he is a true Aussie battler that has seen it all and has some amazing stories and lessons to share.

Anyone who had the chance to tune in would have been very impressed with what our Masterclass Host had to offer, but don’t just take our word for it. We had a chat with a few students who listened in an got their honest feedback about this Shane Jacobson session.

Was the Shane Jacobsen Masterclass useful in giving you more motivation and a bit more wisdom about the film industry to help you pursue your career? 

John Yes, he’s positive attitude was definitely a motivation, he’s accomplished quite a lot and partaking in the Masterclass gave me a bit more insight into the industry. 

Dylan Even though I am currently studying Audio Engineering, I thought it would be interesting to hear Shane speak and I think it was helpful to hear his advice of “doing everything” in the field you enjoy to get yourself out there, a universal rule of thumb.

Dharmesh It was interesting to hear someone as well accomplished as Shane share his experience, it was useful and motivating. 

Patricia Yes! It made me realise how skills in one area can be applied to other areas and that there is nothing wrong with trying your hand at different things. 

Did the Shane Jacobsen Masterclass provide some helpful tips about acting, producing, filmmaking or the general creative process that you might consider also apply to you, or you may apply yourself? 

John Shane made it clear that you may not receive all jobs you audition for but that doesn’t mean you quit or stop trying! Anyway you can be part of a production e.g. hanging lights, assisting with special effects or maybe even catering, this will give you relevant field experience so you can see first hand what goes on behind and infront of the camera!

Dylan It was interesting to hear that Shane does turn down jobs because he doesn’t like the message that it sends to people, highlights the amount of integrity he has in his work and reminding us all that the roles we take on should always align with our values.

Dharmesh I learnt that it's really important to take on any opportunity that comes your way especially in the early stages of our career as it's a good opportunity to network and learn the ropes from the get go. 

Patricia Definitely, being open to learning what everyone does and how it can help you figure out what you like and hone your craft. It’s all about continuously learning!

Did provide some insight into what it takes to become a successful artist, and also being able to measure that success? 

John I personally tend to define success for myself but Shane's definition of success seems to come from the people and foundations he supports using he’s influence and social status to put it to good use, I see that as the most successful thing he’s done. 

Dharmesh I'm not sure what measuring success really is or what the indicators used for measuring success are for sure but it was interesting to hear an external point of view and Shane's insight into what it takes to "make it" stemmed more from his own personal experience which was unique. 

Patricia It made me think that it’s not going to “just” happen and it’s a skill that needs to be developed.  There are people who are happy to share their knowledge and who will help, and not to be precious about what I do and that it all contributes to the same thing – working in an industry I find really interesting and there are so many different areas! There is such a strong community and you should help others as much as you can too.

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