29 Jul 2020

AFTT's HSC Drama Feedback Sessions Wrap Up

With this year's HSC Drama Performances just around the corner, we know the one thing these students can't get enough of is feedback and our session attendees couldn't agree more. 


Here at AFTT, we were so excited to host our Open Feedback Sessions for Year 12 Drama students who were lacking confidence in their project, who wanted to excel in their final assessment and who were open to workshopping new ideas and suggestions from an expert in the field. Tailoring each session to a student's individual needs, our team of professionals have had the pleasure of mentoring these drama performers over the last few weeks on campus and over Zoom to get the most out of their monologue experience. 

We had a chat with a few Feedback Session attendees to find out how these sessions helped their performances and what their experience with our AFTT team members was like.

How did AFTT's HSC Feedback Session help your performance?

"I got some great advice from this session that will help my performance become more realistic and have maximum impact on my audience. The advice was great because my trainer Matt didn't just say how and why my performance could be improved, but also gave me tips on how to achieve this. I honestly think that in this feedback session I have learnt some skills and tips that will help me throughout life, not just for this specific performance."

"It made me more confident in my character and my intentions!"

"My feedback session was so helpful in gaining another perspective on my monologue. Steven helped me articulate my character by implementing pace with an outward rather than inward voice. We had fun with the 'childlike archetype' of my character, running around with a bent back and eyebrows raised 'just letting loose and getting UGLY."

"I now have a much deeper understanding of the complex emotions and themes in my monologue and I have been given lots of tips and feedback as to how I can make my monologue more rich and engaging through the emotions I portray and a better idea of how to incorporate movement that is natural, yet engaging."

What was your experience like working with our AFTT Trainers?

"Matt was really helpful and gave great, specific advice. I was really nervous beforehand, but he was friendly and created a warm environment that really helped me get the most out of the feedback session."

"Excellent!! 10/10. Steven was really lovely and made me feel immediately at ease. It was clear how passionate he is about acting and he really knows his stuff. He was able to both give me constructive feedback and criticism whilst also boosting my confidence. He created such a fun and chill environment, a space where I felt very safe to play around and take risks. I felt that he was genuinely invested in my performance which was so nice, and he was so generous with his time!"

"Matt was very clear on what he wanted me to do which made it easy to advance my piece to make it smooth and concise."

"The experience was great. Steven was passionate about my piece. He gave great direction and challenged me. He significantly improved my performance and interpretation of this monologue."

The most important question we ask attendees is how we could improve our HSC Drama Feedback Sessions for next time and thankfully they all had such a great experience, they could only ask for more time with our expert staff. We'd like to wish our attendees and all Year 12 Drama students Good Luck for their final assessments and their future acting endeavours. 

If you are still eager to book in a session or would like to return for a follow up session, head to our Ask a Question form and enquire about our 45 Minute Feedback Sessions, available from 9am to 7pm daily. 

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