AFTT Acting graduate gets role in Oliver

10 Mar 2016

Acting graduate gets role in Musical Theatre Production of Oliver

Nicholas McGlynn just finished our Advance Diploma Acting course and recently got himself a main role in Oliver as Villain Bill Sykes. We caught up with him to see how he has been since graduating!


Hey Nicholas! So, how did you get the role in Oliver? 

I was informed about the play and discovered that auditions were being held in Nowra. I got my start in school musicals & was extremely keen to continue within the field. I was also keen to test the skills and techniques that my three years in college would afford me. I decided to audition, for the role of Bill Sykes. I worked my butt off learning a song, reading up on the role & past actors who played this role. I also read the script to understand who I was auditioning for, his relationship to other characters, what would be expected of me, from day one I started thinking of how I would play Bill, what I would wear, how I would talk, act.

On the day I sung my song, did a cold read, told a few jokes & just had fun with the whole process, of course I hoped for success, but mostly I took the audition as chance to have some fun while presenting myself to the acting community in the Shoalhaven.

A few days later I was informed the main role of Bill Sykes was all mine. I was over the moon to get the role I wanted. I am proud to say that the success of my first audition of 2016 has been a major boost to my confidence. All it took was hard work, confidence, a positive outlook & the skills I gained with my time from my course.


How do you feel your course prepared you for the industry?

Here’s the beauty of all this, I did the advance diploma, not the music theatre course. To be cast in a musical with the skills I gained in the advance diploma gave me confidence to approach something different as in a musical.  I had all the tools I would need at my disposal like how to pick a song which would best show my talents & be within my vocal range, warm up exercises (physical & vocal) & basic understanding of dance & singing terms/techniques.

Where do you hope to be in 5 years?

Hopefully still acting, in what field does not bother me, I love & enjoy my work & am hungry to try it all. As for now I’m writing a musical & can’t wait to present my vision to the world, so if I can get that shown within five years I will be a very happy camper, so here’s to that.

What advice would you give to current students? 

Here are a few pointers which stick out for me.

Work hard & never give up & no matter what, don’t be disheartened. The industry is a tough place & college itself can be rough & quite taxing, but it’s all worth it. Enjoy your time at college, once you’re out of college, get out there & give it your best.

nicholas1.jpgApproach an audition for experience in mind, that way even if you do not get the role, you can proudly say you gave it a go & came away with something.

Watch out for yourself & your fellow actors, there are a lot of shady people who do not have your best interest at heart.

 If there’s no work, then make work for yourself. Write a song or script, you are a creative creature, you will be surprised. Those who wait do not gain anything.

Show an interest to all facets of the industry, seeking to always learn.  Also it helps you gain an understanding & appreciation for all the hard work the director, producer, backstage crew, boom operator etc go through to make you shine; being kind, humble, positive & overall friendly is the key to success.

Keep a good image, your product is what keeps you in work.

But most all, love & enjoy what you do, be proud of your achievements, no matter how big or small.

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