Film Alumni Nat Backhouse entertaining on film and on stage

01 Mar 2016

Film Alumni Nat Backhouse entertaining on film and on stage

Alumni Nat Backhouse talks about his achievements on and off stage since graduating.

What have you been up to since studying with us?
Since graduating from AFTT (formerly known as ACTT), I have been on the constant hunt for acting jobs - fortunately I was able to get work on commercials, television shows (Inside Story & Deadly Women) and also corporate role play for the military, hospitals and Cityrail. Most recently I have had the incredible opportunity to secure a 13 month contract with Universal Studios Japan - living and working in Osaka as a Character Actor. As I continue to work and grow as an actor, I also plan to create a feature film which I have been in the process of writing for several years. 

What did you enjoy most about AFTT?
I most enjoyed the practical, hands on approach to studying our craft. Building our body as an instrument of performance.

How did AFTT help prepare you for the industry?
Training as an actor for stage and screen helped me to audition for roles and jobs with confidence. I also learned that there are so many more mediums of art and opportunities to perform than I had previously thought.

What have you learnt that you weren’t aware of before entering the industry?
Opportunities for performing and working are out there. But it's also very possible to create your own art and work.

What advice would you give to current students?
Be bold, do what makes you happy, never stop exploring.

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