AFTT Film Alumni in Focus Kieran Fowler

28 Mar 2014

Film Alumni in Focus Kieran Fowler

Kieran Fowler is an international award winning cinematographer of Feature Film, Music Videos, Documentary, TVCs and Corporate work. He is also an AFTT Cinematography Alumni.

kieran-1.jpgWe caught up with Kieran and asked him a few questions about what he has been up to since graduating at AFTT (formerly known as IFSS).

How have you been since you left AFTT?
Since leaving AFTT I’ve had the opportunity to be involved in some amazing projects not just in Australia but all over the world from commercials to feature film work. A big passion of mine has always been music videos and I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with some great artist’s from labels like Universal, EMI and Sony. I guess it’s been a mixture of hard work and luck that I’ve had these opportunities and have been able to meet some really great like minded directors.

We love your film ‘Driver Boy’! What was your thought process and inspiration behind it?
Driver boy was part of an exercise to shoot on 16mm film during my studies at AFTT and I was really just trying to have fun with camera tricks and techniques. Basically I wanted to make a film that was super simple in which I could motivate the camera through the story and characters of the script. I thought a story about the connection between two kids and their imagination around a wrecked car would be perfect, as I could influence the cameras energy through the imagination of them driving the car. So when the car was meant to be moving the camera would move and in a sequence at the beginning I was really trying to simulate the sense of speed and movement without moving. It just so happened that the kids I cast were really great and story was quite succinct, so it was bit of a bonus that people enjoyed the film as a whole.


What were the most helpful things you learnt while at AFTT?
Learning to learn and to be able to better further my knowledge myself, basically the ability to look at film in a more critically Learning how to look at a frame and analyse the lighting and other cinematic features that build a certain look. Understanding how I could approach the art as a cinematographer both technically and creatively. Using the opportunity to play and explore with equipment, ideas and really everything to get it all out of my system. All the practical exercises and particularly the ones taught by current practising cinematographers were also valuable.

What piece of advice would you give to AFTT students about entering into the Film Industry?
Hold on to the like-minded/successful relationships you create, your best work will be with those who are equally as talented and persistent as you, even those film school collaborations. It’s a team game. You are never too good for a job and opportunities arise in the strangest places. Always take time to consider any project, but at the same time saying ‘no’ is often just as important as ‘yes’. What has been your proudest career accomplishment to date? Shooting the feature film in Vietnam – Duong Dua a few of years ago. This led to second feature film project here in Australia and I was fortunate enough to win a Silver ACS for the Vietnam feature next to some amazing films and DP’s.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
It’s really hard to say, I focus a lot on the more immediate future and each project as it comes. In a way I think the more distant future will takes care of itself, although I would like to be involved in a lot more feature film work and work in LA particularly for music video’s.

Anything you would like to say to the tutors or students at AFTT?
To the Students - Keep on learning, reading and exploring outside of film school. It’s important to stay relevant in the fast changing world of film, be curious about everything! To the Tutors - Keep the practise of celluloid film a part of the course as this teaches you invaluable disciplines as DP or Director. Also Contemporary film work is just as important to study as classic works, teach a bit of Citizen Kane and a bit of Tree of Life if you know what I mean.

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