Industry Advice from Acting Graduates

04 Aug 2017

Industry Advice from Acting Graduates

Acting school can provide you with the skills, connections and experience to develop your career, but what else should you be focusing on during your studies to become successful after graduation?

We asked some of our acting graduates, who have gone on to find a variety of exciting experiences in the industry, for their advice. 


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“Do your warm-ups. Be punctual. Approach everything with curiosity and selflessness. Drink the water. Read the poetry. Claim your space”

Madeline Scrace

“You've probably heard it a thousand times by now, but really the biggest advice I would have is, as Winston always said, to "just flippin' do it". Right now is the best time to start jumping in to how you work as an actor, and that won't happen if you don't fully commit to everything you do in your time at AFTT. Just take a deep breath, trust yourself, and jump in.”

Russell Cronin

“Learn as many different skills as you can and be open minded to new experiences because you never know where it’s going to lead. I never thought that puppetry would lead me to where I am today but I’m so grateful I took that opportunity. Also, if you liked working with someone, or if you want to work with them, talk to them! There’s always work being developed you just have to ask around, and not every audition can be found via google. Most importantly be professional and nice, there’s so many talented nice people out there creating amazing work, you just have to find them.”

Kailah Cabanas 

“Create your own work. If you want to be in a play then produce it and put it on. If you want to be in a short film team up with a director or film maker.  Never stop experimenting and challenging yourself.”

Donna Sizer

“Approach an audition for experience in mind, that way even if you do not get the role, you can proudly say you gave it a go & came away with something. 
 If there’s no work, then make work for yourself. Write a song or script, you are a creative creature, you will be surprised. Those who wait do not gain anything.
Show an interest to all facets of the industry, seeking to always learn. Also, it helps you gain an understanding and appreciation for all the hard work the director, producer, backstage crew, boom operator etc, go through to make you shine; being kind, humble, positive and overall friendly is the key to success. Keep a good image, your product is what keeps you in work. But most all, love & enjoy what you do, be proud of your achievements, no matter how big or small.”

Nicholas McGlynn

“Hold on to your dreams and also be prepared to use your new skill set in different yet equally rewarding industries as well. Whether you become a teacher, producer, there are so many ways to use the skills that you will learn. These skills have benefitted me as an English teacher, trainer, leader as well as an artist.”

Joshua Hamilton

“I was once told that I should only take advice from the people I want to be like. Which was nice in theory but there is so much to learn even from people you may not like. Take everything with a grain of salt. Take on every one's advice, but only use what works for you, what you agree with, what makes sense.”

Adam Garden

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