16 Jun 2017

My journey through film school to employment

Jack Domenici is a graduating film student at AFTT, finishing up his course this month, June 2017. Recently getting a job working as a Camera Technician for Panavision, he told us his story. Jack-Domeinici300.jpg

“I've always been interested in film since I was young. It's always amazed me how much goes on behind the scenes to create a film and the hard work and dedication of the cast and crew. I wanted to study film from a young age to discover how to do this and hopefully become a part of the amazing world of cinema.

After looking around for film schools to choose, I ultimately joined AFTT because it gave me the most opportunity to see all areas of making a film and even make some of my own. The staff were also wonderful helping me enrol and just enjoy my time at the school.

I've been on a whole variety of film shoots both inside and outside of the school since starting my course. One of my favourites was a mockumentary we filmed out in a cabin in the bush where I got to run around with a penlight taped to a camera and pretend it was Blaire Witch. Another great one was a scene we shot in some sand dunes during a 30-degree day. The shot lasted around 5 minutes a take, but we made it look amazing (despite the constant people running into the shot)!

I was surprised to learn that there is a lot more that goes into making a film during all three stages of production than just coming up with an idea and shooting it. AFTT helped prepare me for the industry by, not only showing me how to create a film, but how to co-operate and collaborate with others to make sure a vision comes to fruition.

Recently, I was discussing with one of the tutors about how I wanted to get into a more technical side of the industry. He said he knew a job going at Panavision and could help me get an interview. Without the help of the tutors and encouragement from the school I would have had a much harder time trying to land my new role at Panavision in the camera tech department. 

My favourite thing about my time at AFTT has been being able to participate in other student’s projects helping them achieve their goal of creating a film, and have them do the same for me. I also enjoyed being able to talk to actors and have any stupid questions I had happily answered by students and staff. Being able to sleep in the sound proof rooms is a big plus too!

The only advice I can really give to any current students, is to just go for it. If you have an idea, make it. There's no harm in creating a 1-minute short film just to try out new techniques or ideas. I wouldn't have the knowledge I do today if I just sat idle and hoped things would happen. I went out there and made some of the stupidest films ever, but that's what film school is about: making something stupid so that you can learn from it and go on to create bigger and better things. It's tough to beat the idea of a burger destroying the world though.”

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