10 Feb 2017

Work after graduating film school: Andrews Story

Hi I'm Andrew Tran, a graduate of AFTT in 2012 where I studied Film Making and received the Advanced andrewtran300.jpgDiploma of Screen and Media. During my time at AFTT, I learned extremely valuable skills and was immersed in a wide range of hands on experiences behind the scenes.  AFTT allowed me to find my inner voice as I progressed through the course. Ultimately I unravelled an extra skillset during my time there, which is cinematography. I now work in Randwick as a cinematographer and video content producer; where I create visual marketing content & commercials for well-known brands & companies. Because of the decision I made in 2010 to attend AFTT, it has shaped me into where I wanted to be today and for the future.

What were your favourite parts of your course?

My favourite parts of the course would have definitely been the hands on practical work we got to do a lot of the time, such as working with lighting and cinema equipment on real student sets and projects. And also the film screenings we had in class! It was a breath of fresh air to see everyone's hard work projected onto the big screen.

What is your favourite thing about working in the industry?

My favourite thing about working in the creative industry is that no two days are the same. I love getting challenges thrown at me and I have to think creatively to see how I would tackle it. Being immersed in a variety of projects really keeps me energised.


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How do you believe it helped you prepare for the industry?

During the duration of the course, we had to team up with classmates we had never worked with before as they came from all walks of life, it was a great stepping stone for me personally as it broke the ice for collaboration and gave me the courage to get my ideas and input across to everyone, as it was the biggest challenge for me as I was a quiet person. Also the course was roughly 80% hands on and teamwork driven and as we know, film-making is all about getting out and doing so it definitely prepared me for the real world situations.

What are the biggest things you’ve learnt since entering the industry?

It may seem obvious, but for me personally I've learnt that clear communication is key for the creative industry and having multiple creative skill sets under my belt nowadays is a MUST.

What advice would you give to current students?

I'd have to say learn not only as much as you can in your studies, but also self teach yourself other creative skills in your spare time, because nowadays as you would probably know it's very competitive in this industry especially when technology really is taking over.

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