27 Feb 2020

Film Student Gets Their TV Debut, On The Spot!

Meet Aravind, the Indian film-maker who ended up in front of the camera on National Australian TV!

Recently national breakfast broadcast program ‘Sunrise’ (Channel 7) visited the AFTT campus for a series of live broadcasts over a 3 hour show. In one of the segments, international student Aravind found himself both in front of the camera and behind it!


Aravind got to star on live TV when the host introduced himself to Aravind and asked him to tell him about the camera he was next to. The crew were very impressed with the standard of AFTT equipment and asked Aravind to do some filming on the spot.

‘The Sunrise broadcast was a big surprise which I did not believe was happening at the moment. Sam (the host) was an amazing person and so funny. I’ve never been put on the spot but this one was extreme. It was an amazing feeling to be on live TV. The whole experience was amazing and the crew was super nice too. I’ve always wanted to try a broadcast camera and I finally got a chance to use one, on Australian national TV!’

Aravind’s interest in film making started over 5 years ago with his first film made on a smartphone. ‘I love the technicality of film making. I’ve always been a technical person and I think it is a wonder to see things work and fall into place.’

He joined AFTT after completing some previous study in film. ‘I felt like I needed to do more and gain more experience and knowledge about my craft that is cinematography. My mentors suggested AFTT so I looked into it.’

Though moving to Sydney was challenging at first, Aravind quickly felt at ease. ‘At AFTT, the thing I appreciate most is the freedom. I love everything about AFTT and I’ve had a wonderful time since I joined last July. The staff are just wonderful and so helpful. I just feel at home here.’

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