11 Oct 2018

From sales to the stage - the best decision of my life

Hi there, I’m Dani: made in New Zealand, shaped in Australia, and obsessed with creating stories.



From a young age I have always looked for any opportunity to get up and perform. In my teens I started a career as a professional hip hop and urban dancer, winning multiple awards. I competed in numerous crew competitions, back up danced for events such as the 2011 NRL grand final, and taught youth dancing.

Eventually, I started working in corporate sales and management - I thought, 'well I’m technically an adult now, this is what I am supposed to do right?'  Turns out, I was wrong. What you should do is pursue passions and those things that make your heart full.

When I finally came to my senses, I started taking short courses in improv and ensemble stage acting. By dipping my toe in, I unearthed an overwhelming love and obsession for the craft. Committing to full-time study at AFTT has been the best and most fulfilling adventure I have ever been on.

I love that acting is about the project, story, and emotions you are creating with your team in order to share something poignant and meaningful with the audience.

I am looking forward to the new adventures that await me once graduating AFTT, but know all I have learned will guide me through whatever happens next.

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