02 Oct 2020

Introducing our Bachelor of Creative Arts Acting Course

AFTT proudly claims its space as educators of the next generation of Australian actors, ready to add their unique voice to a long and proud history of performance!

There's no doubt that 2020 has been a turbulent year, but we have some really exciting news to look forward to in 2021!


We are extremely pleased to announce, launching now for a February 2021 start, AFTT’s brand new Acting degree.

AFTT's Bachelor of Creative Arts (Acting), not only builds on the foundation of over 25 years of acting education but has also been developed with the input of key industry and academic representatives, making it Australia’s newest and most innovative Acting degree!

With the performing arts industry in constant evolution, this program has incorporated a diversity of skills and knowledge that will allow students to expand their employability beyond graduation and move with flexibility between the demands of both traditional and emerging performance platforms.

This degree was created with the intention to answer the age old question of "what does a sustainable acting career look like?”. Our understanding is that the Performing Arts Industry is in need of versatile actors, people who have broad and coherent theoretical and technical knowledge of the profession and the industry, are able to be innovative, engage in and develop their own opportunities for professional work across the mediums of theatre, film, television and digital performance. During your two years with AFTT, our Bachelor Degree will equip you with these skills and allow you to claim yourselves as independent performing arts professionals.

AFTT’s Acting degree follows the following four streams of study, which ensure knowledge and skills are interconnected throughout the program.

  • Acting & Performance
  • Voice & Movement
  • Creativity & Entrepreneurship
  • Sustainability & Resilience

With a further investigation into what is required of actors in this modern reality, we understand that being defined as a portfolio career requires a revolving door of practical experience and performance projects. Ongoing professional development and a commitment to lifelong learning is essential in the pursuit of what is referred to informally as a “gig career”. We are proud to facilitate numerous opportunities for our students to expand on their portfolio by becoming involved in Irreverent 88 Film Projects, Singing Recitals, Australian Theatre Productions, Actor as Filmmaker Projects, American Theatre Performances, Devised Theatre Performances, Heightened Language Productions, Actor as Creator Projects, Film Showreels and Industry Theatre Productions at Belvoir St Theatre.

The importance of a sustainable approach to both the process of acting and the way an actor interacts with the industry is a significant aspect of this course and by combining the core skills required of a professional actor, with a focus on new media and entrepreneurship, this degree will help produce a new generation of creatives in the industry.  

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