3 Reasons Why You're Not Landing That Role

25 Aug 2017

3 Reasons Why You're Not Landing That Role

 You’ve put together your showreel and headshots, prepared your scripts and got through the audition itself. So why didn’t you get the part?

We spoke to our industry experts and directors to find out why many actors don’t get the part they’re auditioning for. 


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You’re Not Auditioning Well

Being able to deliver a strong audition working as an actor is vital. Developing a strong and reliable process for successful auditions means the difference between getting a role or that role going to someone else. You need to manage dealing with performance anxiety, choosing the right audition piece and taking direction in the audition.

Head of Acting at AFTT, Glen Hamilton discusses the importance of an actors’ confidence in their audition piece. “Too often actors feel as though the audition room belongs to the director or casting agent sitting behind the desk, but an actor needs to really own their audition space. An actor has to approach an audition with a sense of courage over their performance choices and to take control of THEIR audition.”

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Your Headshot Doesn’t Look Like You. 

Having headshots that not only look clean and professional, but actually look like you are a top priority when diving into the acting industry. If you’ve been called in for an audition, then the casting directors expect you to look like your headshot. They have already pictured you playing the role and have brought you in to cast you accordingly. 

Headshots should not be overly-edited, but it also means that the photography should be good enough to accurately portray your features, especially any that could make you stand out from other applicants. 

You Don’t Have The Right Experience

Acting is a skill that can be strongly improved through experience, training and working with the right people. Learning to work with other actors, directors and stage managers is something you can only learn by taking part in stage and screen performances. AFTT Acting students are given the opportunity to perform on stage at the world-renowned Belvoir Theatre, as well as in our Film student’s short films, and film projects working with industry professionals to build their skillset as an actor.  

Head of Acting at AFTT Glen Hamilton says that "Performing in front of people isn’t a natural thing for people to do. Performing is a risk – you risk, getting it wrong, embarrassing yourself, being judged, or being ridiculed etc. The 'Eric Morris System' of actor training, which is embedded in our unique Acting course here at AFTT deals directly with the blocks that every actor has to deal with. Confidence is something you LEARN. Anyone can LEARN to be confident as performers’ and it can completely change the success of your character and role. "

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