A career in Live Production

15 Mar 2016

A career in Live Production Management

Do you love theatre…but hate acting??

Live Production management coordinates all of the technical and artistic elements of a production, ensuring the successful delivery of the performance to the director’s requirements. As a stage manager, you could find yourself in a number of roles, ranging from all manner of large-scale events, such as the Olympic ceremonies, to music festivals, city events, galas and corporate events.


Take a peak at some of the incredible roles that you could end up working in after studying Live Production and management services, straight from the mouths of our AFTT graduates.

Lauren Holmes:

“This year I've worked on the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular arena event with Andrew Kay and Associates and BBC Worldwide, TEDxSydney at the Sydney Opera House, The Merchant of Venice with Sport For Jove Theatre Co and I was part of Squabbalogic's Mystery Musical, where we had two days to rehearse Hello, Dolly!

Last year with ACTT I also worked on Daylight Saving with Darlinghurst Theatre Co.” - Clearly Lauren has been busy! “I guess one of the most exciting things about Stage management is the unexpected-ness! I got a chance to work on events and do roles I never expected to do, like working on TEDxSydney as a talent liaison assistant. This wasn't really something I expected to be in charge of as a stage manager. It was a long day, but it was just like running a show. We had schedules worked out down to the minute for each of the twelve or thirteen speakers for the day. So it was something different work-wise, but still using stage management skills (people skills, time management, organisation, patience and calm under fire). Also spending a couple of days running around corridors at the Opera House and standing on the side of the Concert Hall stage was a bit of a pinch-me moment.”


Marta Losiewics:

“Since graduating I got a job as a Swing Assistant Stage Manager and Props Swing at Disney's The Lion King Musical. I can assure you presetting a life-size elephant is an interesting experience”. This is something that highlights the uniqueness and variation of a Stage Manager. “My most exciting experience at ACTT was working on Punk Rock using firearms with armourer's. We learnt a lot about safety around firearms and policies and procedures that control use of guns in theatre.”

As you can see Stage management is a profession that is both challenging and satisfying. If your passion is to be a stage manager, show caller, a deputy stage manager or assistant stage manager then AFTT can help you reach your goal.

Our Advanced Diploma of Live Production and Management Services is designed as a specialist stage management training course suited to students seeking a professional career in the industry. As a stage manager you will coordinate all of the technical and artistic elements of a production, ensuring the successful delivery of the performance to the director’s requirements. Our course focuses on professional and practical training and revolves around industry best practice. You will gain valuable insight into the traditions, trends, employment opportunities and interview techniques enabling comprehensive preparation for entering the industry. To expand your knowledge of available career paths, you will also partake in an arranged professional secondment, providing a foundation for your ability to network and ultimately secure a job in industry.

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