AFTT on Eric Morris method of acting advice

27 May 2016

Acting Advice: The Eric Morris System of Acting

Here at the Academy of Film, Theatre and Television, we combine the best of the Eric Morris system and Meyerhold BioMechanics as well as elements of other International techniques to give an award-winning solution adaptable for stage and screen Acting. 


“For many years I have been working on a system of acting, based on “The Method”, that I call BEING. As an actor I was constantly frustrated with Method techniques that didn’t work for me, as a result I started to ask a lot of questions. What were the obstacles that stood between me and using techniques that were supposed to work? Why did other actors have similar difficulties with these approaches? – I developed an approach that is dedicated to seeking and finding the roads in to the self. It eliminates lifelong inhibitions against the acquisition of a state of BEING from which all theatrical truth can emanate”
-    Eric Morris. 

The Eric Morris system employs over three hundred exercises and techniques to address these problems and liberate the actor so that he can be “free to act”. It looks at how the instrument is the actor complete with obstacles, blocks, dependencies, tension and a host of other issues that make him unable to be free to act. Eric likes to say that ‘“the craft leaves no stone unturned”.

The systems taught at AFTT involve unique and dynamic processes of learning that will equip you with a robust and logical pathway to producing physical and emotional performance. This training is the only kind in the country that fuses the psychology of acting with an approach to moving and embodying the character for both stage and screen.

“In a BEING state the actor is truly an individual, unique and unlike any other living person. If someone establishes that connection with the inner self and can allow themselves to function from total honesty, them this makes the most pure and individual statement and actor can make on stage or screen”.
“The bottom line in human behavior is that we respond and behave as a result of the impulses that we experience. If the actor uses their energy and craft to “set-up” the stimulus, then the instrument functions naturally. As it does in a real life situation – when this happens, the actor moves FROM “acting” into EXPERIENCING his/her reality moment to moment.”
 - Eric Morris. 

If you want a successful career as an actor or actress, then what are you waiting for?  AFTT trains you in effective acting techniques, provides you with the experience of performing on stage at professional venues such as the Belvoir St Theatre and Bondi Pavillion, and send you on your way with a full showreel and a strong skillset to develop a fruitful career. 

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