AFTT is the Official Youth & Educational Supporter of Belvoir Theatre

15 Mar 2016

Official Youth and Education supporter of Belvoir Theatre

The Academy of Film, Theatre and Television (AFTT) are proud to announce that we are officially the Youth and Education supporter of Belvoir for 2015/2016!

For over two decades, AFTT has continued to lift the bar on developing exceptional Industry practices in actor training & production. AFTT offers a unique system of training for the contemporary actor. The ‘AFTT System’ is a dynamic process of learning that equips the actor with a robust and logical pathway to producing physical and emotional performance. This training is the only kind in the country that fuses the psychology of acting with an approach to moving and embodying the character for both stage and screen. This is out into practice at leading theatre venues and while working and collaborating with students from AFTT's film courses. 


Our tutors are also leading theatre and screen practitioners who train actors in companies such as Bell, Belvoir & STC. Many also work as drama coaches in film and television.

It is the compatible vision between AFTT and Belvoir that makes this partnership a harmonious one; ‘producing works that question and affirm our culture, extend and develop artists, and provide diverse audiences with experiences of imaginative daring and emotional depth’ [Belvoir mission].

Two of the recent graduate AFTT performances ‘The Last Days of Judas Iscariot’ and ‘SLUT:The Play’ were housed at the Belvoir theatre and successfully sold out each of the 5 performances.


Belvoir is committed to making its work accessible to NSW high school teachers and students of all backgrounds through their Education Program, which includes Regional Theatre Enrichment, Regional Workshops and professional training for teachers. The Youth Express program, run by Belvoir and supported by AFTT aims to engage young people at risk through drama in order to develop their communication skills, self-esteem and social awareness. The program responds to the needs of individual participants while providing young people with access to one of Australia’s leading professional theatre companies. This forum empowers these students with the ability to explore, express and reflect on their own stories and see the possibility for change.

“AFTT’s support of this initiative has additionally enabled our students to work more closely with the Belvoir giving them access to an amazing performance space and the opportunities for further collaboration” says AFTT’s Marketing and Branding Director, Karen Markakis.

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