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01 Jul 2016

AFTT Rebrand – How’s it going?

For over 20 years, ACTT and IFSS have launched countless acclaimed careers in film, television and theatre, both in Australia and internationally. Their alliance, and the birth of the Academy of Film, Theatre & Television (AFTT) in 2016, builds on this prestige and takes it to the next level – the creation of a dynamic, skills-based learning environment that offers a full spectrum of creative arts disciplines.  


Having been launched for a few months now as AFTT, the school has not just got a fresh coat of paint and a new website. 

AFTT’s Head of Film Peter Millynn discusses how, ‘Because we have embedded the collaboration between film and acting students in the first tier, the students will know and be able to work with each other throughout the passage of the course and can begin to make strong connections for after graduation. ‘

Similarly, Head of Acting Glenn Hamilton agrees that it is a great ‘opportunity for the actors to be involved in the WHOLE process of film making, from script inception, right through to final editing and screening.’

rebrandaftt.jpgStudents and staff alike are already able to see some great changes bringing more collaborative elements into their classes while keeping the same top level of teaching and study. This integration between the acting and film students is key to helping them to learn to work with the ideas of others, compromise and build effective communication skills. 

With more exciting collaborations and events coming up at AFTT, we are eager to invite you along to have a look around our new website and check out the goings on at AFTT!