AFTT students take the stage at Belvoir

02 Jun 2017

AFTT students take the stage at Belvoir

AFTT’s Youth and Education Partnership with Belvoir Street Theatre brings with it an invaluable link between our students, the academy and the industry. This iconic theatre company has been at the forefront of the Sydney theatre industry for more than three decades. alec300.jpg

“Something special happens when our students move into the Belvoir space – be it the rehearsal rooms and then finally into the theatre. This May’s production of Love and Information, directed by Luke Rogers was a fine example of the well-honed craft and talents of our students. The show was highly complex, with the 13 actors playing a large range of characters across more than 70 scenes, it placed great demand on the actor’s energy and precision. Every one of the actors and production crew embraced this show with immense commitment and generosity! A wonderful way to welcome our actors into the industry.” Head of Acting at AFTT Glen Hamilton describes. 

Graduating acting student Alec Ebert described how: “Rehearsing at Belvoir was an experience that took us beyond the walls of college. I mean this with great respect to our school - it has been a great place of learning for securing the processes, confidence and skills needed for life after graduation. Going to Belvoir to rehearse made the world of life after graduation a little more real to me - being at a theatre with Belvoir's history was inspiring, but also crystallised for me that the training we have done for the last 2 years is to equip us to not just dream of working at a place like this, but to see it as an achievable goal. It was a taste for me of things to come!”


One audience member of the ‘Love and Information’ performance mentioned how “Their ability to transform into a large array of various characters throughout the performance was extremely impressive. The skill to embody the characters with such ease and passion demonstrated an acting talent worthy of the prestigious stage of Belvoir Theatre.”  

Alec’s classmate and fellow “Love and Information” cast member Cooper Mortlock agreed with Alec, mentioning how, “The work at AFTT has been invaluable to constructing a craft as a working actor. I have learned so many things, and been able to have first-hand experience in plays, film and voice-over. These are the skills that I sorely lacked coming into college, and have improved greatly since completing the course. I have learned many things about the industry that I feel have helped prepare me going forward with my career.”

Alec further went on to discuss how “My goals when I started at AFTT were to secure a process in my craft and to be confident in myself as an actor (and as a person). Reflecting back over these two years I feel I have come to a place where I do not need to prove that I am an actor to myself or others. I have come to a place where I can call myself an actor. For security of process I have learned many skills under many great tutors from voice to dance to stage combat to singing to script analysis and much more; I am more comfortable expressing myself physically and emotionally and I have learned how to contribute and collaborate with others as an artist.

L-I.jpgMost importantly, the college has taught me to take risks and challenge myself constantly, to take responsibility for your own process, to learn discipline and that hard work reaps rewards - the place of learning is a place that is not always comfortable! All this has prepared me to a point where I feel I confidently walk in to an audition and show them what I can offer - while I feel learning a skill like acting takes a lifetime, this has been the best beginning and I count myself very fortunate to have studied here.”

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