Co-Lab at AFTT: Bringing Film Makers and Actors Together

10 Mar 2017

Co-Lab at AFTT: Bringing Film Makers and Actors together

In order to highlight and work towards a stronger collaboration between film students and acting students at AFTT, one student Chris started up the event Co-Lab. ColLabChris.jpg

Meeting every Tuesday at 5pm, Co-Lab increases the dialogue between actors and filmmakers at the school and allows more networking between the courses and students. 

The Academy of Film, Theatre and Television works hard to build connections between film and acting students in the courses, but seeing the desire of students wanting to engage outside of classes is extremely encouraging and demonstrates their dedication to their craft. 

Head of Acting, Glen Hamilton commented how, “Our industry is forged on collaborations. The nature of every film or theatre production is the coming together of specialist skills to realize a creative vision. These collaborations have to start in education. The more we can build artistic relationships between actors and film makers, the greater our capacity to meet the needs of the modern industry and ensure that our graduates have the experience and means to boldly claim their space as contemporary artists.”

Chris described how “Last time we just worked a scene over and over - we've done that a couple of times and people seem to enjoy it. Sometimes we just bounce about our ideas and workshop them together. People bring their work in and share it, people are free to give feedback, ask questions. Sometimes people just come in, sit down, watch and listen. You aren't forced to participate, and I think people get a lot out of watching other students act, direct or write in front of them. There's no pressure - it's a safe space.”

“It's important to collaborate with other students so that you can make mistakes and grow together as students, and maybe even as artists. We learn from each other all the time. We simply want to become better actors and filmmakers and make more films together.”

To join the Co-Lab meetings, find out the details here.


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