Filming with Weapons; AFTT's Armourer's Workshop

03 Mar 2017

Filming with Weapons: AFTT's Armourers Workshop

To ensure a successful career in the film industry, we here at AFTT believe that you must experience various aspects of the field to develop a strong understanding of real life in the industry. arourere-300.jpg

That is why, AFTT’s Film Diploma Course contains a Stunt and Safety Workshop in which students are introduced to the concepts and theories of sex and violence as well as creating action sequences to learn how to work with a stunt coordinator and stunt performers to create these sequences.

As part of this workshop, students attend an Armourers Workshop, which involves working with a trained armourer. This workshop teaches the protocols and procedures associated with using firearms and other prohibited weapons. 

Throughout film from the earliest westerns, to gangster and war films, firearms have been part of movies for audiences around the world.

Under legislation of the Weapons Prohibition Act, only a licensed Theatrical Armourer can be responsible on set for the use of firearms, so the intent of the lecture is to introduce many of the students to how to work with an armourer in helping the director to decide what type and size will suit the character and actor to enhance the scene. 

The workshop is designed to introduce students to the safety and set protocols and to understand that safety and creativity have to go hand in hand. During the filming of sequences in which firearms or the prohibited weapons are to be used, AFTT students are taught to work to the highest safety standard including Risk management assessments, safety reports and personnel on set; all of which, will give them an insight into best practice when they commence work in the wider film industry. 


When it comes to the importance of safety on set for the production, we operate in the same manner as would be in place on a professional shoot and in accordance with the relevant legislation including the Weapons Prohibition Act as safety is tantamount on any set. 

For students studying at AFTT, the course offers many opportunities to learn and understand film making at a very practical level which will put students in a really good position when looking for work in the film industry, Therefore, Head of Production Andrew Williams suggests that students “take on the same traits you would in the workplace during your studies; collaborate with your class mates, work to a deadline, and safety first.”

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