How to pick the best place to study for you

20 Oct 2017

How to pick the best place to study for you

When it comes to looking for an institution to study at, there are a variety of options available, so how do you pick? You need to make sure you choose somewhere that is right for you. 

Therefore, we’ve put together a list of things we feel are important to ask any institution about to ensure you study somewhere that will suit your learning style and your career goals.  

Hands-On vs Theory 

Getting hands-on experience is vital, especially when studying creative courses such as Acting, Film Making and Live Production Management. Being able to get hands-on with the technology and in the environment you would be working in after graduation enables you to learn from your mistakes, and therefore learn faster. Here at the Academy of Film, Theatre and Television (AFTT), we focus on the students getting an abundance of hands-on time with the film gear if they’re a film student, on stage or in front of the camera as an acting student, and everywhere in between as a Live Production Management student. 


Networking is key. Having the right connections from the moment you step into the industry is the best way to fast-track your career. AFTT works hard to build connections with companies and professionals to ensure students finish the course with the best start they can get. AFTT are proud to be the educational partner of the renowned Belvoir St Theatre, allowing our students to perform on one of the most prestigious stages in Australia, and rehearse in the same location as world-famous actors and actresses.  


The students that you study with during your course are your first industry connections, and there is a good chance you will end up working with them after graduation. That’s why, we collaborate Acting, Film and Live Production students from early on in their courses, so they can help each other and build these networks from the start of their time here at AFTT. Acting students get the chance to participate in the film students short films, and film students get to experience working with and directing actors.

Industry Professional Tutors

Learning from professionals who have been where you are, worked their way through the industry and are still working today is the best way to get true advice on how to succeed. All AFTT tutors are still currently working in the industry, and often invite current or graduated students to work alongside them. Building those connections with industry professionals helps to get you established early on in your career. 

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I've said it once, and I'll say it again; not a bad place to work! #JobGoals #CareerGoals 🎬🎥☀️

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