15 Mar 2016

How to prepare for your first year at AFTT

Starting here at AFTT soon? We thought we should give you a few pointers about how to survive and make the most of your time here!

Meet people

It can be nerve-wracking starting somewhere new, but what you have to remember is that everyone starting is in the same position. They will most likely know nobody here, so will all be looking for new friends. Just smile ,say hi and start a conversation! See who would be catching the same public transport as you, and get to know the people in your classes. Feeling comfortable in your environment can really help you relax and focus more on your learning.  

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Your classes may seem pretty intimidating, surrounded by new people, studying a subject that you may not have studied in depth before. Never hesitate to ask if you need to know something or if you need something repeated. If you ever get lost or aren’t sure where to find something, just ask a fellow student where to go! The worst thing they might say is, "I’m not sure."


Make time to waste time

Don’t forget that you will procrastinate – researching, planning and writing are only half of what goes into an assignment. Start things early, at least three weeks before the deadline, because you WILL spend time procrastinating, so plan it into your timeline.

Attend Everything

I don’t just mean all of your classes. We often have tonnes of events going on all the time including loads of student performancess, bring some friends along and support your fellow peers!

Get excited!

You are starting your path to your dream career, meeting loads of cool people and learning tonnes of new things, so get excited! Wipe away the nerves and replace it with excitement because when you are finished, you will realise how much fun you had, and wish you could do it all over again.

Best of luck to all new starters!

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