Industry Outcomes for Studying Live Production & Management Services

15 Mar 2016

Industry Outcomes from studying Live Production and Management Services

Are you interested in studying an Advanced Diploma of Live Performance and Management Services at AFTT but unsure of what the industry career outcomes are? We are here to help!

AFTT’s Advanced Diploma of Live Production and Management Services is an 18 month intensive yet rewarding course. It prepares our students for technical roles in live production and events industries - including theatre, dance, opera, concerts, festivals, events and film and television. This qualification is very flexible and designed to meet a broad range of industry needs.

Great news for AFTT Students - Skilled workers in this industry sector are currently in high demand and demand is growing! According to Ibis World 2015, the Australian Music and Theatre Production market has reported more than $2Billion dollar revenue with over 10,325 persons currently employed in the industry in Australia.

Industries Outcomes

Theatre, Dance and Opera

There is a wide range of companies that produce live theatrical or musical performances including opera, the ballet and drama and musical plays, both in traditional and contemporary performing arts. Imagine yourself working behind the scenes of a Sydney Opera House masterpiece or become a props manager for a story brought to life by some of the very best Australian theatre makers or better yet, the opportunity to work abroad!

Concerts, Festivals and Events

Australia is a prime location for high end productions that create spectacular shows! Concerts and festivals are becoming more frequent and increasingly engaging for people who attend them. You could work as a design manager, an audio visual supervisor or an event or tour manager and see mass crowds of music lovers having a spectacular time, enjoying songs from their favourite artists.

Film and TV Production

Film and television is an exciting, innovating and competitive industry. You will have the opportunity to work on independent productions or even work for some of the major television stations 7, 9 and 10, as an art director, set designer or props master. If you have a sense of humor and a healthy consciousness of your own identity then be sure to join this riveting industry.

Freelance or contract

Once the course is complete, you will be ready for employment across a range of specific roles, for a variety of staged events. As you find your footing and become an expert in your field, such work can be of a freelance or contract nature. Further career options include production and technical management.

So what are you waiting for?

If you are someone who is artistically creative but hands on, highly organised, works well under pressure in fast paced environments and has a sound understanding of technical demands of production including lights sound, props, set changes, make-up changes, and special effects – then this is your calling!

Specific Roles:

Box Office Manager
Audio-visual Supervisor
Event Manager
Design Manager
Heads of Department
Props Master
Scenic Artist
Stage Manager
Staging Operator
Technical Services Manager
Technical Supervisor
Wardrobe Supervisor
Workshop Supervisor

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