27 Oct 2017

Looking at Life after Acting School: Talking to Current Students

In part 1, we chatted to current Acting students from the Academy of Film, Theatre and Television, Lachlan Ingham and Roel Fiala to find out what their concerns where before studying, and how they feel now they are fully immersed in the course.  

Here in part 2, we talk about the future, their career as an actor post-graduation and how they’re working towards their goal. 


Some people may be worried about getting a job/roles after graduation. From your experience, what advice would you give to them?

Lachlan: It can be a very scary thing to think you won't get any jobs after graduation. My belief is that if you want acting to be your career you must want it more than anything in the world. No matter how bad the rejection of not getting jobs might be, the experiences you have when you finally to get a job are so fantastic you will always want that feeling. Also, getting a job doesn't have to mean you have to go to auditions all the time. Go out and film things yourself, get a group of your friends together and start doing some theatre projects. There are so many different ways you can keep yourself acting and it might not take off right away but eventually you will have success if you keep pushing. 

What opportunities have you been presented with so far that will help towards your career post-graduation?

Lachlan: I have been very lucky to have worked on a few short films during my time at AFTT so the experience of being on set and what that it requires of you. Making relationships with the directors and crew on these films will allow me to put on a short film if I wanted to and they had the time. Also, working on theatre shows with such fantastic directors, such as Jill Brown, Debora Jones, Winston Cooper and many more, allows me to be in contact with them if I wish to put on some theatre and need their advice. Finally, myself and a few of the students from AFTT are beginning our own podcast due to an AFTT assessment called "the pitch project." This is very exciting for everyone involved and post-graduation will be a lot of my time being a part of that and getting it off the floor. 

Roel: I have been blessed with roles in AFTT productions that has allowed me stretch my acting ability and has given me skills that I can apply into future productions. From being cast as Leather in a production of These Our Not Our Hands to that of Richard of Gloucester in King Henry, Part III I can say I've had such amazing opportunities. I have been able to develop a professional work ethic that I can integrate into opportunities outside of the acting industry. Also, I have been given the opportunity to be a part of short films with talented film students at the school. The take away from those shoots for me is that it has given me more required experience on screen as well as allowed me to develop connections with amazing individuals I'm looking forward to working with in the future. 

What are your plans after graduation?

Lachlan: Well I would love to get an agent once I finish college and start to get into short films, TV, commercials and eventually move into feature films. I will also be working on the podcast I mentioned and hopefully making something that people watch and enjoy. 

Roel: I honestly have no plans at the moment post-graduation. Being here at the school has taught me to approach life and the industry from a moment-to-moment basis. To appreciate a moment in its entirety and just be a part of it. What I possibly expect for myself is just to be a part of work that I can invest in wholeheartedly.   

What life skills have you learned that can be taken into other disciplines?  

Lachlan: I have learnt many things through my time at AFTT that I can apply in many different disciplines. But I would say that focus and determination are the two key things I have learnt. To always throw myself into anything I do and don't ask questions. If you want something to get done, don't wait around for anyone else to do it. You drop a line on stage, you don't do your homework, you forgot to keep a promise. AFTT has taught me that no matter what happens you can always bounce back if you truly care about it. Push through every barrier you are faced with because you have no idea how it is going to play out. 

Roel: The two life skills I'd say that can be taken into other disciplines is; hardwork and teamwork.


Nothing in life is a guarantee or a given. You either work towards what you want or you don't, it's as simple as that. But, what sets you apart from others is the willingness and commitment to work and just be better than yourself day after day. 


Like life, as well as in this industry, working with people that you may or may not know, people you may like or dislike, experienced or inexperienced individuals is common. Nonetheless, as an artist and more importantly as a human; the acknowledgment of knowing that your individual involvement to the production goes beyond your own individuality is integral. Recognising this sacrifice and application into the production through a collectivist mind-set maximises the productivity of the production in all areas and is essential to achieve success, possibly more. 

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