14 Apr 2017

Moving to New York to Act: An AFTT Grads Story

"Twelve hours after graduating AFTT, I got on the first plane leaving for New York City.


Whilst there, I took a chance at a dream I never thought could eventuate and auditioned for the Stella Adler Studio of Acting. Two weeks ago I found out I have been accepted into their Three Year Professional Conservatory program and I move to New York in six months. Over the next three years I aim to further enhance my skills in all areas but with specific relation to classical text and the exploration of language, explore the corresponding relationship between growing as both a human being and as an actor, to realise the full capacity of my imagination, and most importantly, to “feel the fear and do it anyway”. 

I believe the skills and lessons I took away from AFTT were an integral part in my acceptance to the Stella Adler Studio of Acting. Without my training at the college, I would not have developed the knowledge, ability, and passion it took to achieve this milestone. I am forever grateful to my impacting tutors - those who nurtured, those who pushed, and those who gave themselves and their wisdom to help me grow. 

What were your favourite parts of your course?

  • Working with heightened text
  • Exploring archetypes and the way physical and vocal shifts bring a character to life
  • Lectures on deep listening
  • Opportunity to work on the pitch project which gave me a head start and more thorough understanding on producing my own work
  • Script analysis class 
  • The powerful, profound, and professional calibre of the teaching



The friends and connections you make here can stay with you for life ❤️ #AFTTFamily 📷 @lachlan_ingham101

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How do you believe AFTT helped you prepare for the industry/ further study?

First and foremost the college gave me the opportunity to explore. It gave me the guidance and permission to learn about myself and fully articulate what I'm passionate about. This is the most significant gift and teaching the college gave me. The more you know what you're working for, the further you will progress. 

What do you hope to achieve after your studies in New York?

I want to live a creative life and I want to explore all avenues of the industry my heart has set up camp in. 
I aim to create theatre using a variety of different creative mediums
I aim to write
I aim to direct
I aim to participate in active collaboration with other artists
I aim to sign with an agency in NYC
I aim to begin working on shows that I admire in any way that I can
I aim to volunteer with groups that I am passionate about
I aim to continue learning 

What advice would you give to current students?

Do your warm-ups
Be punctual 
Approach everything with curiosity and selflessness 
Drink the water
Read the poetry
Claim your space

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