Resolutions you should make in 2017

30 Dec 2016

Resolutions you should make in 2017

We know how quickly time goes by, and before you know it you’ve forgotten to stick to last year’s resolutions of lose weight, save money, drink less etc etc. So, we’ve put together some resolutions you really should and could stick to, which will help your career and mind set!


Grow your network 

The film and acting industries especially can really be about ‘who you know’, so make sure you know lots of people! Go and attend industry events, shake hands and make contacts, and even better, make friends! It can always be fun getting to know new people, and if they have great industry connections, even better! Don’t forget, your first connection to the industry is right here at AFTT, as all of our staff and tutors are currently working in the industry, they are your first port of call when growing your network. 

Take time to enjoy

Life is a gift. Cliché we know but make sure you take time out to appreciate what you have. Stop panicking and stressing about work or the future and go in to everything with an optimistic and open mind. 

Keep Learning

Whether you read industry news, go along to industry events or go and watch theatre performances for ‘research’, remember that ‘every day is a learning day’. The industry is constantly changing with new technologies, so keep up to date and keep learning. Take a look at some of the many courses available here... 

Keep your portfolio updated

CV, Portfolio, Showreel; whatever will attract employers attention to hire you or directors to cast you, keep it updated. Every time you work on a new short film or act in any performance, make a note of it somewhere so you don’t forget as every bit of experience you can show people you have done is another step closer to getting your dream job. 

Be more organised

Being more organised can, not only help with your work life balance, but can help to lower stress. Instead of frantically trying to find things, or rush somewhere, or panic about last minute changes, organise yourself in advance. 

Be more confident

You are great. You just need to convince yourself of it. Be more confident in yourself and in your craft. Throw yourself into other situations that will help increase your confidence, tell people your ideas and say ‘thank you’ when someone compliments you, rather than arguing it. But don’t be a Diva. 

Here are 12 ways you can build your confidence. 

Good luck, and we hope you have a great New Year, and manage to stick to at least some of these resolutions!