19 May 2017

Sydney Film Festival on "What Makes a Winning Film."

This year, Sydney Film Festival is back again from the 7th to the 18th of June. Supported by the NSW Government through Screen NSW, the Federal Government through Screen Australia, and the City of Sydney, SFF is a great opportunity for film makers to showcase their work. 

But what qualities make a winning film? AFTT’s love for all things film always has us wanting the inside know-how to share with our film students.  SFF300.jpg

We chatted to festival director Nashen Moodley to find out what makes a winning film stand out. 

What parameters do you use to judge each film?

We look at such a broad range of films, that the parameters change depending on what the film set outs to achieve. We look for films that succeed in achieving what they set out to. I like films that broaden our understanding of the world, and films that make you think while entertaining you too.  

 What flaws/ easy mistakes do you often see that can really mark a film down?

Many films are a bit too long, and I feel they’d benefit from editing.  

What genre of films do you believe do best at the Sydney Film Festival?

Because we present such a broad range of cinema, it’s very difficult to say what genre/style does best. Our audience has such a range of taste, and we feel that we present films that cater to all cinematic tastes, and as a result all our screenings do well.

What do you think are the most apparent differences are between a student film and a professional film?

Often there aren’t major differences between student films and professional films – I’ve seen some incredible student films over years. Student films can often have a passionate energy that more than makes up for budgetary or any other shortcomings. 

Best of luck to anyone taking part in SFF and to all AFTT students, you heard him! Throw that passionate energy we all know you have into your films for the chance to be potentially next year’s winning SFF film! 

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Take a look at this year’s Sydney Film Festival.

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