AFTT - The Do's and Don’ts of Using Youtube to Study Film

14 Oct 2016

The Do's and Dont's of using YouTube to study Film

The advancement in technology has changed how we do nearly everything today, including studying. 


As the second biggest search engine in the world, YouTube tutorials are often the first place people look when wanting to learn how to do something. When it comes to knowing more about film making, it can be a great way to learn the basics.

When searching for a YouTube tutorial, do make sure you learn from a reputable source, meaning either a qualified professional or an industry company. Remember however, that when it comes to learning about technology comparisons, as many of the videos will be created by tech companies themselves, they will be biased to their own gear and may not give you a fair insight. 

Got questions? Do go and search it! The benefit of having such a wealth of information at your fingertips means that you can just search for the answers you need. However, this can mean spending hours searching for the one answer you need and getting nowhere, instead of asking your tutor and getting the correct answer then and there. 

Despite the fact that YouTube tutorials are easily accessible and available on a wide range of subjects, they pale in comparison when it comes to truly learning the ins and outs of working in the industry through hands-on experience. Don’t underestimate the valuable lessons gained through the ability to fail. When studying film in a nurturing environment with industry professionals providing one on one feedback such as AFTT, it allows students to learn from their mistakes during study, rather than failing time and time again while working in the industry. 

Having the ability to create 4 fully funded films in 2 years with industry standard equipment including RED One, Epic and Scarlet cameras, is perhaps one of the biggest benefits students get from studying at AFTT over YouTube tutorials.  Being able to access a wealth of gear and finish the course with a strong show reel and credits on a variety of films, is what really makes personal learning so important. That’s not even including the rich network of film makers you can draw from during your time studying with industry professional tutors who are ready to help you network post-graduation. 

Perhaps the biggest DO we can provide when it comes to YouTube Tutorials, is to use it to support your studies. Watch discussion panels, technology updates and interviews with directors and screenwriters as a way to enhance your learning and bring this into your work here at AFTT. 

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