Tips for starting a career in Stage Management

20 Jan 2017

Tips for starting a career in Stage Management

Live Production Supervisor at The Academy of Film, Theatre and Television Farlie Goodwin when asked for her tips for building a career in Stage Management responded “Firstly, making sure you have the right qualifications for the job. Secondly…”




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“It is a big part of building a career. Get to know everyone you work with in all departments because you just don’t know when or how you will meet them again and how they might be able to help you further your career.”

Collaborate from day one

Having acting and Film students on site studying alongside Live Production students means that the chance to collaborate is rife. Collaborating builds your network and portfolio. With so many industry connections and partners such as AFTT’s collaboration with Belvoir St Theatre, “our students get the opportunity to work with a range of professional industry personnel from stage managers to directors and designers while within the safety of a production at the academy. This gives them the opportunity to start to collaborate with industry professions and of course their fellow students, as they will all be starting their career at the same time.”

Work Experience

As such a vital aspect of the industry, building your career all comes from work experience to prove you have the ability to carry out the skills you have learnt during your studies. 

“All of our students get the opportunity to go on secondment. They get the opportunity to choose a company or venue (for example: Sydney Opera House, Company B at Belvoir) for their placement to heightened their interest in a specific field or genre of theatre. Previous secondments have been with Darlinghurst Theatre Company, Hidden Sydney – Working Management, Sydney Dance Company.”

Market yourself well

Many jobs within the theatre industry can come from who you know, so make sure you market yourself properly, including making sure that your CV and experience is on hand to show at all times. 

“The best way to market yourself as a stage manager is to be good at your job, you are a 1 man band, there is no one else to rely on to make you look good in the industry. Be proactive, make contacts, Be yourself. This industry can be tricky, so be true to your strength and you can’t go wrong.”

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