15 Mar 2016

Tips on how to promote yourself as an Actor

You know you’ve got the talent, you've got the confidence, you’re a great 'product' and now you need to market and sell yourself. Here are our tips on how to get yourself out there.

Having immense talent isn't always going to get you where you need to be! It takes a bit of confidence, business savvy and skills to push you in the right direction. Follow these AFTT tips to improve your chances of truly getting yourself out there!

Have a great cover letter, resume, headshot and showreel

Make sure your cover letter and resume is engaging and differentiates you from your peers. Keep it valid and up to date with what you’ve accomplished and make sure you update it from time to time.

Get a professional headshot and showreel.

These are one of the most important marketing tools you will need to invest in and it will be worth every dollar spent. Ensure the headshot reflects your strengths and lets your personality shine. Try to ensure the scenes of your showreel display the best you can do and try and shows off your versatility.

Here at AFTT, each student who completes a course with us will receive a professional headshot and showreel compliments of AFTT. 


Go to auditions

Audition for films, plays, independent films, community and high school theatre productions - get as much experience as you can! Join acting workshops with casting directors. Volunteer work and internship opportunities can be a great way to get noticed and also get your foot in the door. As AFTT promotes the integration between our acting and film courses, you will get plenty of opportunities to appear in student films from the Film students. These can also be added to your portfolio and showreels.

Have your own website

Make your website a central hub for all your photos, CV, showreels, voicereels, news and reviews and keep them up to date! This will act as your portfolio. Add loads of content! Don’t be afraid to let the website reflect who you are. Websites are a cost effective way of promoting yourself. There are many free website platforms out there! Try WordPress.com. 

Press releases

Press releases are a powerful source! Be sure to write it in a third person about productions you are about to star in, or being added to the cast for an independent film. Make sure they are interesting, captivating and ensure these press releases will then direct back to your website.


Exploit Social Media


The power of social media shouldn’t be over looked. Create a fan page. Create event pages and invite your network to attend your next live production or screening. Keep your content frequent. The use of images are invaluable to help you talk about the industry and your thoughts and views. Videos are also increasing in popularity and importance, and often get the biggest reach for posts.


Youtube is a great way to promote yourself and easily tells you if your videos are engaging and how many people are watching them. Create a channel and keep uploading!


Linkedin is an online business community. It allows users to strengthen and extend an existing network of contacts. Here you can build your professional identity, discover new contacts and keep in touch with business professionals. If used well, Linkedin can power your career, create new ventures and business opportunities.
Google ads

For small budget, online banner ads are a cost effective way to reach a large audience. You can purchase ads and target them on search engines, websites and blogs. You can also arrange the purpose of these ads and whether you want them to be seen by maximum impressions or by a more targets approach of ‘pay per click’ each time someone clicks on your ad. Make sure you use images that will captivate your audience then direct all traffic to your website or facebook page.

Learn how to network

Networking is about creating relationships with industry professionals whom may directly or indirectly help you in your career. Do not directly ask industry professionals for their help or persuade them to represent you. Go to industry events, find common interest discussion topics, be charming and genuine and make you exchange contact details and follow them up after meeting. This can include casting directors, producers, talent agents, and even event coordinators and publicists - You never know who a person might know or where they might end up in the future so make sure never to underestimate people you meet or speak to. 

One of the best advantages of AFTT is that students can utilise the connections of the film makers, staff, lecturers and Alumni students. 

Start now!

You are a talented actor and you are a marketable product! Don’t be afraid to promote yourself and find cost effective ways to differentiate yourself from your competition. Make sure you stand out from the crowd and let your personality shine through.
Start now and get discovered! Put yourself on a free agency list such as STAR NOW. Best of luck!
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