25 Jan 2019

Leaving the world of finance to follow my performance dream

I’ve been in love with the arts since before I can remember.


I started dance classes at the age of three and from there came a succession of drama classes, singing lessons, art classes and a dream of being a performer. In high school while everyone else took notes, I was scribbling poetry into the back of my books.

I always knew I was different; with the ability to feel music as well as constantly taking on the pain and the weight of the world as if it was my own, finding more meaning in words than most would dare to consider and having emotions and memories more intense than that of the average human. It’s hard to explain to others that you can feel everything, so I spent a lot of time believing these qualities flawed me. In performing, these unique parts of me work as attributes and have provided me a way to channel, to express and to share these emotions.

Before I came to AFTT, I spent five years working in the world of finance. It was here that I realised my life could not be confined to the constructs of office walls. I funded travels around the world, experiencing the beauty and the horror of our species history, falling in love with every new city, immersing myself in human nature and carrying with me the stories left behind in every place I went. Acting, writing and music all allow me to bring these stories to life.

My time at AFTT has allowed me the freedom to explore my differences and bring my own realities to life through performance, it’s also been the beginning of embracing the passionate, intense, beautiful life that I was made to live.

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