30 May 2019

From Festival of the Creator to Kings Cross Theatre

2018 Acting Grad, Amy Sole, finished her course by writing and directing her production, 'Doing', that was performed at AFTT's Festival of the Creator.


Fast forward 6 months and now 'Doing' is about to be performed at the iconic King's Cross Theatre (KXT). We had a chat with Amy about how she got her production noticed by KXT and a bit about where the inspiration behind 'Doing' came from.

Tell us a bit about ‘Doing’ and the inspiration behind this production?

'Doing' is inspired by trauma and life. For me acting school gave me everything. Before it I was suffering silently for a long time with debilitating mental illness. I have suffered with Panic disorder, OCD, Agoraphobia and PTSD since the age of 6. 

What really inspired 'Doing' in particular was what it felt like to be in complete darkness and then what it felt like to be able to finally feel happy. I wanted to share it truthfully and authentically with everyone. I built up the bravery to start creating the concept behind 'Doing' during my final project at AFTT (Actor as Creator), which subsequently empowered me to realise I can be a theatremaker. I realised I can create the kind of theatre I want to create and that I have a voice. 

Your production is being performed at Kings Cross Theatre, which is a huge achievement. Take us through how you made this happen?

I was fortunate enough to be selected to be a part of the Step Up program at KXT with other AFTT Alum, which is an amazing opportunity. The guys at KXT theatre are brilliant and are very much about supporting emerging young artists. 'Doing' was  given a week run from the 9th - 15th of June in the Bordello room as part of the new Popupstairs program they have at KXT to explore new and exciting fringe works. I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to have an amazing place to keep workshopping this play and to be able to bring it in front of a small audience. 

How did your time at AFTT lead you to this production?

AFFT is the reason I am able to be a theatremaker. The course is structured with such support, yet allows for imagination. It genuinely enabled me to find my artistic voice and love for theatre. The head of acting Glen Hamilton is a genius and the course structure is unparalleled.

You have quite a few fellow AFTT grads in this production, is it easier working with creatives that have had similar experiences to you?

Straight after graduating, myself and a friend of mine from AFTT, Luisa Galloway, decided to create our own theatre company called Puddle or Pond - Follow us on Facebook and Instagram! We realised we weren’t seeing the kind of theatre we wanted to be involved in so we made a platform to create it ourselves. She’s brilliant and I’m so lucky to have her as my partner in all this. I’m also co-producing 'Doing' with a brilliant woman I went to AFTT with, Steph Black, who was the top student in our Business of Acting class. I knew I needed her help and support and she has made the whole show possible. I also cast a few AFTT graduates in  acting in the show Jordy Fulcher and Cassie Smith who are spectacular actors. I love that I have such a strong support system from AFTT. We are from all walks of life and I think that’s what makes us so special as a team. 

What’s next for you once this string of shows at KXT are over?

This is just the start for 'Doing', Puddle or Pond and I. I intend to keep writing and creating theatre. I am hoping that after this production of 'Doing' I can do more rewrites and keep developing it as a piece. I’ll have to see what people think of it!

What were your favourite things about AFTT?

My favourite thing about AFTT was the people. I’ve never felt so supported and yet challenged in my life. The teachers and staff are incredible and the partnership AFTT has with Belvoir was fantastic! Seeing Belvoir shows and getting to perform our grad show at Belvoir was such a huge deal for me. 

What advice would you have for anyone thinking about studying acting?

If you have the slightest thought about going to acting school, do it! You will learn so much about yourself, you will experience things that aren’t possible in any other profession and you will meet beautiful people. Don’t let anything hold you back!

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