20 May 2018

Shooting my first acting Showreel

The Showreel Project is a defining and vital growing experience of the AFTT Acting Course. We got to chat with Tier 3 students, Aiden and Curtis, and found out how they went with the Showreels and what they learnt in the process.

You recently completed some showreel shoots, tell us about the project? 

Aiden: Without giving too much away, my partner Joey Atkins and I took a scene from a television series and made quite a few adjustments so that it became more of a stand-alone scene rather than something that had been seen before which I think went really well. Overall the project itself went fantastic; Joey is a great partner to work with, Winston is an incredible director and the crew also helped make it a really mellow process.

Curtis: The showreel project was a great experience for me because I learned a lot about myself. The project itself was about showing a scene with a partner and transforming that scene into reality. It taught me about trusting in yourself that you have done all the research. 

Tell us about your time at AFTT so far?

Aiden: It’s been an incredible journey. Ever since I came here for an open day in 2015 I knew this is where I had to be to learn and improve on the skills I would need to make it as an actor and here I am 3 years later. I’ve learnt so much about myself, grown a lot as a person and made great connections with my fellow student and tutors. Without them, I couldn’t have done it.

Curtis: My time at AFTT has been the best learning experience so far getting to know a lot about this industry and how to be the real you. You get to meet a lot of great people that make the experience better.

How did you find the process of producing the showreels?

Aiden: I found the process very satisfying as it really pushed us to use everything we’ve learnt so far and then go beyond while still learning along the way, which is why I love acting. 

Curtis: The process of producing the showreel was really enjoyable. The film crew were amazing as they had done these before and it was interesting to see Winston, our teacher, who is a really great director, give us directions through the process. 

What did you learn from working on set during this project?

Aiden: For me I think the two biggest things was being able to disassociate from everything around me (cameras, sound etc.) and put my focus solely on my partner. Also, patience, since there was quite a bit of air traffic when we were shooting which meant there was a bit of stopping, starting and waiting.

Curtis: I learned a lot by working set during the project. It was set in a small bar and was an absolute blast. Once you're on set you have to be as professional as you can. It was a great learning experience because it was different to all the other projects we have done so far. 

What advice do you have anyone currently studying at AFTT?

Aiden: Be big, be brave and most importantly of all: be YOU

Curtis: If you're interested in this industry, you have to make sure you are real, remember who you are and never forget why you want to do this. 

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