High School Outreach Program

The Student Admissions team at the Academy of Film, Theatre & Television (AFTT) would like to invite you to be a part of our ‘High school outreach initiative’.

This initiative provides high schools, CAPA, Media & English teachers and their students the opportunity to select from a range of interactive and collaborative programs which can be specially tailored to suit student interests and career opportunities.

AFTT’s strong emphasis on industry knowledge and employability skills, collaboration, team building and professionalism ensures our Degree, Diplomas and Advanced Diploma programs are designed for the future of work in the creative arts industries.

The following opportunities can be undertaken as incursions or excursions:

  • Interactive Acting, Theatre Production or Filmmaking workshops;
  • Industry and careers information sessions;
  • Audition simulations;
  • HSC feedback sessions; and
  • A presentation of AFTT’S Filmmaking, Acting, and Theatre Production programs including admissions sessions + Q&A’s.

Note: Excursions will give students the additional benefit of visiting the AFTT campus and meeting the faculty and students in residence while touring the greenscreen studio, auditorium, live sets and our camera and props departments.

Please reach out to AFTT’s student admissions team to enquire or book any of these opportunities now:
info@aftt.edu.au | 02 9281 2400

Other AFTT Events & Workshops

  • Open days (FREE) and info nights (FREE);
  • Graduate performances held at the iconic Belvoir St Theatre;
  • Festival of the Creator: on-campus event which celebrates the students’ creative works;
  • High school workshops: a variety of workshops held during school holidays for high school students;
  • HSC drama feedback sessions (FREE);
  • Short course offerings; and
  • Campus tours (FREE): have a 1-on-1 campus tour with our Student Admissions team;
  • • AFTT’s ‘In Conversation’ masterclass sessions with renowned Australian and International industry actors, filmmakers, theatre experts, and industry professionals; and
  • • Drop-ins at all major HSC and WSCE expos.