AFTT - Diploma of Screen & Media: Study Film Production, Screenwriting and Cinematography Courses in Sydney



AFTT’s one year diploma will deepen you not only as a film maker but as an artist. With leading industry professionals guiding your journey you’ll learn invaluable knowledge and insight in all areas of the film making process. 

How do you see the world? How do you see yourself in it? Who are you? What do you believe in? These are questions the one year film diploma will not only ask but will cultivate the answer within you. This self-awareness will inform your artistic voice, which in turn will make your ideas and scripts all the more deeper, and assessable to a wider audience. These skills mixed with the AFTT’s all-encompassing directing, camera, lighting, and sound classes will make this course a powerful learning experience that will grow the true film maker within you. 

The course is customised to deliver a practical, hands-on immersive learning experience that allows you to create your own films across various genres. Film, in its essence, is a collaborative medium, and for this course you will need someone to direct, something to produce, a script to write and a cinematographer to interpret your vision… that’s all on offer at AFTT, thanks to our unique cross-disciplinary campus where all of these inputs and more exist under the one resourceful roof!

What’s your truth? Your vision?

Alumni now working on Spielberg & Scorcese films

‘The Short’ Major Project Everything you learn will build to this project and challenge your film making skills with a six (6) minute dramatic short film.

Focus on career development & industry networking alongside technological aspects of the course

Exploring stories that are bigger than ourselves
Our minds become open to a larger picture, this in turn cultivates empathy while strengthening our artistic voices.

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Diploma OF Screen & Media

The course is divided into 2 tiers comprising 15 units of competency; each tier is structured around a specific project and a particular set of skills.

The process of Film making Vision, Craft and Collaboration 
Tier 1 provides an overview of the components of the entire filmmaking process, artistic and technical; and the collaborative attitudes and skills the process requires. The focus will be on the basic tools for making a screen production, the grammar and history of filmmaking, developing a concept, writing characters and stories, experiencing the production process, working with performers from casting through to post, translating a script from page to screen, and using equipment such as camera, lights, sound recording gear, editing software etc. This process will highlight the importance of techniques for visual storytelling and collaboration with the various team members.

The implementation of learnt craft application and skills
This Tier offers a deeper knowledge of the specific expressive tools at a filmmaker’s disposal, and how these elements can be used to an individual project. Tier 2 looks in more detail at the use of sound and dialogue, as well as an introduction to the expressive options and choices available to filmmakers. Students will be challenged to look at their individual creative processes and outputs as artists, including introductory classes on marketing, festivals, distribution and industry career paths.


While our Diploma of Screen and Media is a comprehensive program with dedicated student and employment outcomes we also understand that you may wish to pursue higher level studies. We therefore would like to assure you that we are currently working on the development of new programs and pathways in order to provide you with the opportunity to undertake advanced training to further develop your skills beyond those of the one year Diploma. The details around such opportunities will be provided to you in due course.



Graduate with the skills and knowledge to navigate a career within the film, television and digital industries. Previous graduates have worked alongside some of the industry’s biggest names, including Spielberg and Martin Scorcese, and many work on the international circuit. Read more about our Alumni here.

Our graduates have also worked in other areas of the industry, from short films to documentary filmmaking, music videos and corporate content. In local and international film festivals our graduates have been recognised in countless awards, including: Best Student Film (L.A film Festival), Best Student Film (Cannes Film Festival) and Tropfest finalists. Read more about our Alumni here.

AFTT filmmakers graduate highly skilled and well prepared to start work in contemporary film, television and digital media industry.


Director of photography 
Visual producer 
Creative director

Camera operator or assistant
Data wrangler
Story editor
Development executive
Production manager


“What I love about this school is it's very practical: you learn a bit of knowledge and then you practice it immediately. I can't imagine studying filmmaking in any other way.”

- Courtney Brown | AFTT Alumni

"My favourite thing about AFTT was its teachers, students and culture. Filmmaking is all about putting forward a strong voice and the school helped me develop that voice."

Jose Sebastian | AFTT Alumni

“One of my favourite things about the course is how hands-on it is. From day one, we've had our hands on the cameras, not just the standard HD cameras that you can get at other schools.”

Sarah Prentice | AFTT Alumni

“AFTT has changed who I am and how I think – I've evolved into a director. I didn't think I would.”

Quentin Curzon | AFTT Alumni