AFTT graduate film accepted to Cannes Film Festival

22 Apr 2016

AFTT's Students Film accepted to Cannes Film Festival

Screenwriting, Directing and Producing student Duygu Dogan graduated in July 2015, and has already had her student film accepted into the prestegious Cannes Film Festival! 

We chatted to Dee who talks about how this came about, and her advice to current students. 

alosscannes.jpgHey Dee! Congrats! How did you get this amazing opportunity to showcase your film at Cannes Film Festival?

During my studies at AFTT one of my tutors told me I should submit my film to various International Film Festivals.  After the film was completed I registered the film at Cannes Film Festival. A month later I received an email of acceptance and an invitation to the 69th Cannes Film Festival. I will be there in May to showcase my film and network with other filmmakers.

Tell us about your film A LOSS

A LOSS is a short film about a young woman who is stuck between her own desires and the expectations of her culture. The film explores gender inequality, culture and making one’s own chances.

How did you feel when you found out your film had been accepted?

I found out ten days after receiving the email from Cannes. I was thrilled when I saw that my film was accepted into Short Film Corner. It was my first film ever submitted to International Film Festivals, I was very happy.

How has AFTT helped to prepare you for the industry?

AFTT gave me the skills to sharpen my craft as a filmmaker and guide me through each step of the way. I was lucky to have amazing mentors and tutors who had been there and had the experience to steer me into the right direction of my career. The teachers really devote their time and energy into your project and guide you through the full process.

deestudent.jpgWhat do you enjoy about studying at AFTT?

Everything. Studying at AFTT was the best two years of my life, I didn’t want to leave. There was so much room for growth and creativity. That’s what makes AFTT different from other schools is the fact that you can write and direct your own films and assist others in theirs. It’s a hand’s on experience and you learn so much from it. You can really expand your network with other filmmakers and learn from industry guest tutors.


What advice would you give to other students?

Remember why you have applied to film school in the first place, yes it’s important to make friends but it’s also important to expand your skills and commit to your projects. Time goes very quick, so plan everything. Learn from the tutors, they have so much experience to guide you. Make your own mistakes, not someone else’s. Don’t overwork yourself. Trust me…it’s exhausting!

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