16 Dec 2020

Line Up Your Post HSC Agenda Now

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Congratulations Class of 2020

Exams, TICK. Results, TICK. Rewarding Sleep-In, not enough ticks in the world.

The countdown to your ‘Post-HSC’ holidays is over and its time to tackle that wish-list you worked up all year. During these next few months, it’s the perfect opportunity to pack in as many experiences as you can before heading back into a routine with University or Career ambitions.

So, now that you’ve finished your HSC, here are some great activities to do before getting back into the swing of things!


You’ve been hauled up studying in your room for the last few months, haven’t you? Going outside has never looked this good, especially since we spent nearly all year inside. Make the most of it and get around to some places you’ve never been to, maybe even take yourself on a trip. Travelling overseas may not be possible at the moment, but lucky we live in the greatest country on earth! Australia has lots to offer so get searching and book some fun adventure filled trips.

The freedom you have during these few months is unmatched, take advantage of some well-deserved time off so you come back to your new responsibilities refreshed and full of inspiration!

Register for Information Sessions

If you’re thinking of furthering your education after high school, why not visit your prospective universities and register for their upcoming Information Sessions. Take the time to explore the campus and get as much information as you can about your study options. Grab some pamphlets and cupcakes, ask some questions and immerse yourself.

Our AFTT Information Night is scheduled in for the 21st of January 2021 at our Surry Hill Campus and ready for you to register! 

Register for Info Session

Attend Workshops

Get a taste of full-time courses by attending a ‘taste-tester’ short course during the holidays. Over the course of roughly a few days, students are able to participate in activities centred around what you are likely to get involved in during your time enrolled including Film, Performance and Theatre Production!

Register for our Holiday Workshops Now!

Film Workshop

Performance Workshop

Theatre Production Workshop

Look for Work

Getting some work experience under your belt is a great use of this spare time you’ve got and helps with building your resume for future opportunities. If your ‘run of the mill’ café job isn’t cutting it, start looking for work that aligns with your passions and interests.

Love to perform? Start gigging around your local pubs as a solo or with some mates. Got a knack for designing? Freelance your skills to other companies. Are you a natural born writer? Get in touch with your local newspapers and blogs to build up a portfolio. Doesn’t hurt that doing what you love can also pay for drinks with your mates or a standard ‘avo on toast’ brekkie.


If any of our other agenda items don’t fancy you, how about volunteering? Connecting with new people and organisations can take you outside of your comfort zone and allow an immersive experience into different fields. Giving back seeing your hard work pay off can give you a great sense of fulfilment.

Volunteering is also a great way to assist you in the future with job prospects, meeting new contacts and networking. If you’re looking to get into the creative industry, volunteering is the perfect way to test out your preferred fields and expose yourself to the creative environment.

To register for our AFTT Information Night, click here

To find out more about AFTT Workshops, click here